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by Beacon515L
Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:36 am UTC
Forum: Music
Topic: Perfect Moments In Music
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Re: Perfect Moments In Music

The 'Tutti' direction of Widor's Toccata (depending on the organist, around three-and-a-half minutes in). Especially on a large French instrument, hands down the most emphatic literal example I know of an organist 'pulling out all the stops,' a pun which makes even more sense when one learns what th...
by Beacon515L
Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:30 am UTC
Forum: Music
Topic: Vocaloids! Singing computers!
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Re: Vocaloids! Singing computers!

Ages ago I did a rendition of the Aria Di Mezzo Carattare from Final Fantasy VI using Miku, which was apparently okay-ish. Of course, then I discovered I wasn't the only one with the same idea. That said, with enough work, one can most certainly get good sound out of Vocaloid; but personally, I thi...
by Beacon515L
Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:26 am UTC
Forum: Music
Topic: Pipe-organ music!
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Re: Pipe-organ music!

Widor aside, this thread is exhibiting a severe lack of French Romanticism. A piece comparable in fame to the Toccata is the Maestoso from Saint-Saen's Symphony No. 3 (aptly titled 'Organ,' although the eponymous instrument only features in two of the four movements, for some reason), known to most ...

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