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by ask
Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:10 pm UTC
Forum: Music
Topic: What are you listening to?
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Re: What are you listening to?

the lawrence arms- necrotism: decanting the insalubrious (cyborg midnight) part 7
by ask
Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:47 am UTC
Forum: General
Topic: High and low point of your day
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Re: High and low point of your day

low: walking out to my car in the morning and realizing someone had tried to break into it (thankfully they didn't know what they were doing and couldn't get in)

high : going out in the city and going shopping
by ask
Wed Jan 23, 2008 7:24 am UTC
Forum: Individual XKCD Comic Threads
Topic: 0374: "Journal"
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Re: Journal Discussion

I think I am gonna try this on the BART tomorrow

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