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by Pa-Patch
Wed Jun 11, 2008 5:08 am UTC
Forum: Books
Topic: Favorite Author?
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Re: Favorite Author?

Harry Turtledove. Pratchett and Asimov and more than a few others are all very close, though
by Pa-Patch
Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:56 am UTC
Forum: Books
Topic: Books you just bought
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Re: Books you just bought

Zohar wrote:Stranger in a Strange Land - Robert Heinlein

Hey, how 'bout that.
Also picked up:
The Gods Themselves - Isaac Asimov
Counting Up, Counting Down - Harry Turtledove
by Pa-Patch
Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:53 am UTC
Forum: Books
Topic: Favorite Characters?
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Re: Favorite Characters?

Gonna just stick with one, because if I started listing I wouldn't be able to stop, so (Possibly up on top because I read Stranger in a Strange Land just recently and he is fresh on my mind):
Jubal Harshaw
by Pa-Patch
Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:43 am UTC
Forum: Serious Business
Topic: Absolute Morality
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Re: Absolute Morality

This is really an issue of how you think of morality. "Do Not Kill", "Do Not Steal" and all those other ones are hardly universal, there's going to be a few scenarios where it's right or at least questionable. If we think of morality in a really simple sense (Maximizing happiness...
by Pa-Patch
Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:26 am UTC
Forum: General
Topic: Who the dickens are you?
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Heya. I am not a spambot! Been lurking for a small while, decided I might as well register so I can, like, say things. 18 year old dude from Winnipeg, MB. Obviously a fan of the comic, and have a general interest in the sciences and the maths (Though I really haven't made up my mind about what, in p...

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