Open letter to the Moderators General

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Open letter to the Moderators General

Postby almightyze » Mon Jun 15, 2009 6:39 am UTC

Moderators General,
As I write this, I count 5 spam threads on the Individual Comic Threads page. This may change as I finish posting this, but that is beside the point. The fact that any spam post appears and stays for a while on this supposedly most sacred and libertarian of forums says a lot of things. I could write for a paragraph about how you never should have switched from forum software that wasn't really broken in the first place, but that's petty really in comparison to the real problem.

I'll admit, I never liked the concept of allowing users to create comic threads. It's simply a more eloquent "FIRST!11!1" rush, to me anyway. While dupes are kept to a minimum, they're still there. Given the nature of this forum and the people who populate it, it shouldn't be too hard to create a phpBB template/postbot to create a thread to put up within the first minute. But now, spambots are beginning to overwhelm the forum, and the need for users themselves to create the comic thread gets slowly overridden by Russian scum looking to make a quick ruble or ten, or piss off a few Americans. It doesn't help matters much that you yourselves admit that the spam posts have some difficulty in removing.

Notably, there's been another problem I noticed in another thread in this forum, one that got badgered by Mods but that had some relevant points: There is no general comic forum. Given the vast and overreaching nature of this comic, having open discussion on common threads in the comic, such as BHG or Cory Doctorow, or Randall's fascination with Google, would help improve the nature of discussion. But more importantly, by stringently and zealously enforcing such a rule as only allowing individual comic threads, it creates a contradiction: We can talk about the comic, but not talk about the comic overall. Now, you can say that this discussion could be placed in the General forum, but talking about the comic there simply dilutes the conversation with everything else. Furthermore, my guess is, you scared off that user who was actually trying to be helpful and insightful, which is something no moderator should do.

As such, I am calling for changes to the The Comic forum(s).
1. Create a General Comic forum. A place to allow open discussion of the comic, rather than to specific comics only. That way, the conversation could be more robust.
2. Lock TOPIC creation to the moderators only on the ICT forum. Ideally, a thread bot that would create the strip threads could work as well, though I can understand if it's not that simple. That way, we can keep the spambots out of at least this forum, and we can focus on comic strip discussion entirely.

I'll admit, these are mere suggestions. But I would not be surprised if a lot of users have at least thought about this as being beneficial to the forums.

Furthermore, I know I have broken several rules here in posting this open letter on this forum. But in merely posting, and pointing out the existence of these spam threads and mod abuse, I am just as much showing how much the system in place for this forum, and its rules, are broken and open to abuse. Perhaps this will open discussion and confront these issues directly.

Thank you.
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Re: Open letter to the Moderators General

Postby Jesse » Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:34 am UTC

We changed the forum software to allow spam? Because I've been her since not too long from the start and there has always been spam. I read through the thread you linked and there was no badgering by mods about off-topicness at all in there. Is it possible you linked the wrong thread?

And why would we need a General Comics forum, when we have a General forum that you could post it in? The only difference is a word.

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Re: Open letter to the Moderators General

Postby The Mighty Thesaurus » Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:30 am UTC

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Re: Open letter to the Moderators General

Postby Belial » Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:23 am UTC

Changed the forum software? You mean from phpbb2 to bb3? Because that cut the spam by nearly 100%. The fact that you would say something so gobsmackingly stupid tells me that you weren't here before the changeover, and that you have no idea what you're talking about.

This impression is only further enforced by the fact that you posted this in the wrong forum, re-made a suggestion that has been suggested and knocked down more times than we can count (almost certainly without searching out the previous threads), and completely fucking missed the forum marked "General".

Lastly, the fact that you can break the rules does not show that the rules are malfunctioning, the fact that you did shows that you are. Not everything needs to be automted. Willfully break them again and we'll demonstrate how the manual safeguards work.


PS. "Russian Scum"? Man, did it escape you that there are russian people on these boards, at least one of whom outdates you, outposts you, and has about a thousand times more cred than you ever will?

And that even if that weren't true, that's still a stupid and bigoted thing to say?

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