Short spanning closed walk on an unweighted undirected Graph

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Short spanning closed walk on an unweighted undirected Graph

Postby PeteP » Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:26 pm UTC

Didn't know whether I should ask in coding or here, but I suppose I only ask about an algorithm so here seemed better.

Anyway if I have an unweighted undirected simple Graph and want a spanning closed walk (start and ends at same node, visits every node at least once, can visit nodes several times. Length=number of edges. The shortest possible one is called hamilton walk I think) one Option is to find (one of) the shortest paths between all pairs of nodes, and add edges with the the length of the shortest path to make it a complete weighted graph. Then I can use some TSP algorithm on it and afterwards replace the edges with the corresponding nodes. And I have a relatively short closed walk

But going that way seems a bit weird to me, is there some better alternative? My google abilities seem to fail me.

Edit: Nvm found my confirmation

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Re: Short spanning closed walk on an unweighted undirected G

Postby quintopia » Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:07 am UTC

The wikipedia article mentions a random algorithm that runs in 1.657^n:

Pretty sure that's somewhat faster than the algorithm you sketch (which, in the form of the Held-Karp algorithm, is also mentioned in the same article).

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