The 12obin's game (Aarex's version)

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The 12obin's game (Aarex's version)

Postby AarexTiaokhiao » Wed Nov 19, 2014 6:01 pm UTC

This thread will be five pages long. Only people who get a post in within the first three pages can participate. Once the thread reaches three pages, all interaction will be done through edits.
If you post on a page higher than 5, you will be punished in a manner that is all the more frightening for being undefined.
Don't hog posts. I'm not going to lay down a rule about how many posts one user can have because it depends how many people are interested, but just don't be a dick about it like Sean Quixote.
Try to keep continuity in the thread as you make edits.
Maybe we'll come up with an actual game to play, but right now the game is just vying for our desired positions in the thread. Feel free to chatter or count by something or tell us what you like to eat with soup.

Page topper on page 6 wins the game and create the thread of sequel of this game.

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