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Free For All

Postby stopmadnessnow » Sat Mar 12, 2016 5:26 pm UTC

Terribly sorry, but a piece of spam has turned up-or more likely it's my game. Apparently the WSE (Work Somewhere Else) agency is currently looking for new freelancers in the subjects of Websites and Programming; Art and Design; Media; Writing; and Law. Clients start off with 100 UCs (Units of Capital) and a five star rating and must spend money applying for jobs which they may not even get and if even if they do they may not get paid (but they might...)
The jobs may include working in space or even WSE Central. (Note: rest assured no actual work is involved). There may be the opportunity of a bonus
or even a nefarious exercise where you should try not to get caught. You have to hide any mention of nefarious exercise in spoilers or you won't get your UCs BTW.
Also try not to go bankrupt. (Note: this is different from not downloading UCs).

The agency will begin as soon as we have 5 clients.

Oh yes, you could get paid $$$$!

Note: This game is not related to any real freelancing agency.

PM me for more details.

Update: 5 NPCs have signed up for the agency: Abbie, Bob, Charlotte; Dodo and Edward. They all have 100UCs and a 5 star rating. Business begins tomorrow.
For comic writing or short story writing post-haste, contact the off-the peg joke chap. He has the nous. for my site. to hire me at Upwork.

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