If you were a final boss

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If you were a final boss

Postby Ithinkabouttrees » Sat May 08, 2010 3:11 am UTC

Your chance is here. By some unearthly and godlike chance, you get to be a Final Boss for a video game / table top game/ LARP/ whatever the hell it is you do. Congrats! You also get to choose certain aspects of your final boss battle set up. CHOOSE WISELY.

Your customizable aspects goes as follows:

Pre-battle quote:
Battle Arena / location:
Weapon(s) / power(s) (no god-moding please.):
Battle Music:

So forum, how do you choose to take down your opponent?

As for me it would go something like this:

Name: The Doctor
Pre-battle quote: *lights a Cuban cigar* "Bring it tubs"
Battle Arena / location: Post apocalyptic Disney Land
Weapon(s) / power(s): A chainsaw, a sawed off shotgun, and if both of those fail, whatever is laying around
Attire: ripped jeans, a ripped and broken strait jacket, fedora
Battle Music: March of the Pigs - Nine Inch Nails
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Gelsamel » Sat May 08, 2010 4:36 am UTC

Name: Lucia

Pre-battle quote:
I mean really this would depend on what the game was about... Ideally it would be some 5 minute long conversation with the protagonists about how despite really working for the same thing they have to end up fighting because they can't see eye to eye. Lucia will be the Well Intentioned Extremist who tries to fix everything by herself and the protagonists will be the Wide-Eyed Idealists trying to Choose a Third Option.

If I had to just give one generic line it would be something like "It's a shame it had to come to this, if only we had met under different circumstances we might've been friends instead of enemies".

Either that or some speech about how the protagonists can't possibly understand her motivations (which they really can't) and when they beat her it turns out the protagonists really fucked up (Nice Job Breaking it Hero). So in terms of a single line something like "You can't possibly understand what I'm doing. You're making a huge mistake, leave now and I'll spare you... but if you insist on getting in my way then I have no choice but to dispatch you".

Battle Arena / location:
Probably some apocalyptic location. Top of a huge gothic tower or an open area at some volatile location with energy ebbing and flowing around the place. Your typical final boss fight location.

Weapon(s) / power(s):
A shortsword (Image from google images search) for a combination of stabbing and slashing attacks she can use sword-based techniques that utilise energy to create certain effects like extending the blade and shooting projectiles combined with acrobatic and athletic feats. Basically 'magical sword attacks' though in the game-universe it will be more a product of skill with the blade over magical ability.

Possibly something similar to this:
Image by Shikishima (from pixiv)

Obviously without the flute...

Or if the game has treats armor more realistically then something like the character at the front here;
By Fakepucco

Without the crown thing.

Battle Music:
I'm always going to be torn on music because there is so much of it I like.... It's also very dependant on the style of game.

Disclaimer: My net is capped so I can't check to see if these links are to the correct songs but they have the right titles.
'時流 ~Spatiotemporal Stream~' by estha
'黒の律動' by 銅螺子 (no link)
'煉獄凶狂葬曲 [The Dark and Crazed Requiem of Purgatory]' by Kitaouji Mizuki
'mirage coordinator' by zts
Those would all be awesome boss music.

'dive to emergency' by zts Could work as a final boss music or as final dungeon music.

I know we only get to customize the battle music but too bad, I'm doing more anyway! :P

'witch in gold' by zts (can't find link) would be perfect for the pre-battle conversation.

After you win the ending scene music would be '生まれてきてくれてありがとう [Thanks for Being Born]' by dai
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Shivahn » Sat May 08, 2010 5:20 am UTC

Gelsamel wrote:Pre-battle quote:
I mean really this would depend on what the game was about... Ideally it would be some 5 minute long conversation with the protagonists about how despite really working for the same thing they have to end up fighting because they can't see eye to eye. Lucia will be the Well Intentioned Extremist who tries to fix everything by herself and the protagonists will be the Wide-Eyed Idealists trying to Choose a Third Option.

If I had to just give one generic line it would be something like "It's a shame it had to come to this, if only we had met under different circumstances we might've been friends instead of enemies".

You've been playing too many Tales games :P

I love me some Symphonia.

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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Gelsamel » Sat May 08, 2010 6:25 am UTC

Shivahn wrote:
Gelsamel wrote:Pre-battle quote:
I mean really this would depend on what the game was about... Ideally it would be some 5 minute long conversation with the protagonists about how despite really working for the same thing they have to end up fighting because they can't see eye to eye. Lucia will be the Well Intentioned Extremist who tries to fix everything by herself and the protagonists will be the Wide-Eyed Idealists trying to Choose a Third Option.

If I had to just give one generic line it would be something like "It's a shame it had to come to this, if only we had met under different circumstances we might've been friends instead of enemies".

You've been playing too many Tales games :P

I love me some Symphonia.

Hey, Tales are awesome, you can never play too many. Anyway Vesperia was my favourite because it was all Nakama and no Romance.
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Shivahn » Sat May 08, 2010 7:27 am UTC

I'm kind of a fan of romance... sometimes. I liked the option in Symphonia, though I hated the romance in Abyss... I guess I like it very, very light.

Anyway, I agree. You can never have too much Tales. I've never played Vesperia, though - no Xbox. I have a PS3 and am semifluent in Japanese though, so... hmm...

In the interest of contributing to the thread as a whole...

I honestly would have to think through more. However, since I'm a fan of well-intentioned extremists, morally confusing events and characters, long plots, and antagonists who have the same goals as the protagonists (Gelsamel's post could easily have been written by me,) I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be a "pre-battle quote" so much as a monologue on ethics. Some people find that boring, but I'm a fan. For names, I have no idea. It would probably be a girl, but I could live with a male antagonist too.

(Actually, I could also live with the final boss being a man-behind-the-man super weak easily defeatable one, but I know that would probably be disappointing, so I'd rather not. But it's interesting as a concept.)

So so far I have: A girl with a monologue. Prebattle quote, if it switches to a battle screen, would probably be something semi-apologetic for having to fight.

As for the arena, that again depends on the plot. I am a huge fan of the last enemies in the game being something traditionally "good," like angels, so a battle in Heaven is not out of the question. Though again, very plot dependent.

No god-moding? What if the last boss is God? Plus, you know, last boss. They usually tend to be god modded anyway.

As I said, I enjoy stuff that's non traditional, so a final boss that uses holy magic is pretty awesome. Of course, I prefer magic users, so that'd be a big part of it. Even their physical attacks should be magical, or they should use their weapon as a conduit for magic. Though if that's the case, they'd have to be all-elemental so you couldn't just buff yourself out of danger. Which is fine too. I'd prefer a nontraditional weapon, but that's not really a requirement.

Attire doesn't matter so much, but I dislike the habit of making female stuff skimpy (though I am a fan of her clothes.) She'd probably wear something pretty standard. I was thinking a dress, but I'm not a huge fan of those. The clothing wouldn't be super hard to design or anything. I prefer a simple, if elegant and different, style of clothes to an over the top one.

And that leaves battle music. Honestly, it'd need something composed, and this depends entirely on the mood. If she's an angel or something like that, it needs to be very chime heavy. If it's some avatar of some primal force, it needs to be very heavy with deep drums. If it's a demon.. well, there are lots of things that go with a demon. If it's a noble person, or something such as that, I think I would want it to be a very stringy piece.

Actually, that has made me realize something that would be concrete and a definite must for any final boss battle; it must have a soft, peaceful intro, and then a very very intense remainder. For the elegant boss example, I'm thinking some sort of violin solo that has a few milliseconds of rest before a very quick, very intense main section of the piece comes up. And if the boss has any kind of forms, there are two possibilities. Either a new piece is played, or the old piece has another layer added to it, or enters a new section.

Sorry this is all contingent on the mood and plot and not concrete. There are a lot of ideas I have, and I can't really say I have a favorite.

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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Gelsamel » Sat May 08, 2010 8:07 am UTC

Spoiled for Off Topic...
I'm a fan of some romance here and there, but 99% of it is total crap and stupid (not cheesy, just stupid and illogical, sometimes borderline immoral in that their only motivation is that they are romancing someone rather than it being the right thing to do) there is also a god damn lot of it everywhere so it's kind of tired me out. Symphonia wasn't bad at all with the romancing... but Yuri's motivations in Vesperia are all because it's the right thing to do. I actually like that the characters don't really have a backstory in Vesperia (at least not without the PS3 version/Anime) because it turns Yuri into an embodiment of pure Chaotic Good not someone who goes after the baddies because they ruined him or hurt his friends. Just someone who does what is right because it is. At least it's less cliché than having the big bad destroy your villiage and the subordinate of the big bad turn out to be your dad (not that Symphonia is a poor game or anything).

Hell, the Call which Yuri Jumps to is that "The Empire's" knights are useless and won't help the lower quarters getting back the "Part" that will fix the water pumps so he leaves off to pursue the person who apparently took the "Part".
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Slpee » Sun May 09, 2010 2:54 pm UTC

Oh sounds fun, I guess I'll take a stab at this:

Name: Tederius the Benevolent - Really i was going for something that would be different as opposed to the straight-forward evil wants to kill everything, I envisioned a boss that thinks you are the evil ones and that he is acting for the good of all. Always seemed more emotional and saddening when this scenario is twisted to place the heroes in a negative light, maybe there could be an misinformed audience rooting for the boss too. Something to make the players really think.

Pre-battle quote: I can see you. I can see your minds. You think you fight for justice but you will only destroy us all. I must protect those whom you would destroy. Prepare yourselves, for I do not hold back.

Battle Arena / location: Some kind of Victorian era European theater for the aristocracy with an audience and an orchestra in the pit.(see why later)

Weapon(s) / power(s) (no god-moding please.): Several massive (I mean MASSIVE, one-shot-character style, don't worry this isn't too overpowered, read the music, it all makes sense then) hammers that he launches and retracts on chains,

Attire: a huge character, covered in several armor pieces that rotates around his body, they would occasionally leave gaps the players could exploit (again see music)

Battle Music: Prelude from Carmen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP4k55L9GgA The boss fight would involve the orchestra playing that piece and looping it endlessly, the massive hammers would strike the stage in time with the music during the intense parts, the players would have to focus all their efforts on avoiding being struck. It would be possible to hit me with a lucky shot, but in reality it would be impossible to do so without dying. During the less intense and laid-back parts of the
piece, the boss would slow down, the armor would stop rotating as well, the players would need to take advantage of the pause to inflict damage. As the fight progresses, the music speeds up to the point where it is impossible to dodge, the players would need enough skill to kill the boss before then, making the fight a race against time as well.
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby thicknavyrain » Sun May 09, 2010 4:42 pm UTC

Name: George

Pre-battle quote: "Well done! You did it *protaganist* the world is safe again and you've saved the lives of millions, bravo old bean. You win, mission accomplished. Now, I'm going to fight you just to give you a sense of closure."

Battle Arena / location: Shopping centre (but all the shops are blocked off)/Shopping Mall and eventually the City in which it's in.

Weapon(s) / power(s) (no god-moding please.): 1st stage: I create henchmen from display units and posters which the player dispenses of while I keep trying to run them over with a car from an in mall competition.

2nd Stage: After the car is destroyed, I set them running up a down escalator with a pit of fire/spikes at the bottom so they have to continuously run up while dodging really absurd shopping items thrown at lethal speeds and try and catch some of the items to use to try and either break the escalator, climb their way up the sides to personally attack me, or throw back at me. Oh and occasionally, I throw a shopping trolley which they have to dodge but they lose half the items they collected.

3rd Stage: So, once they somehow defeat me, I use my shrink ray to try and dispose of him...which inevitably fails and makes us both enormous. So we break through the roof of mall and wrestle into the car park. Here, I strap cars to my feet and power rollerskate into the distance where the player must do the same and chase me while trying to slam me into buildings and monuments as we race around the city. After some hits I just kind of get defeated, we both shrink back to normal as the enlarge-ray's effects wear off, I claim to be tired and suggest we go get something to drink, only to find we've destroyed the city. Presumably defending this city was the goal of the game.

Attire: A speedo and nipple tassles.

Battle Music: Stage 1: Walkie-Talkie Man - Steriogram
Stage 2: Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
Stage 3: Suicide Sally and Johnny Guitar - Primal Scream

Because sometimes, the world needs to be a weirder place.
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby BurningLed » Mon May 10, 2010 3:45 pm UTC

Name:Project Azrael

Pre-battle quote: Sequence 1-3-3-7 activating... Complete. Terminate.

Battle Arena / location:Azrael is the gigantic, mechanoid guard of a base. Battle takes place zelda-style (that is, actual button-smashing combat, not turn-based,) in a large dirt field surrounded by chain-link fence and guard towers, with barbed wire surrounding the area. At one end of the field is the enormous, steel-walled base which the heroes are defeating the bot to enter.

Weapon(s) / power(s): Wields a gigantic, cyberpunk-style BFS in the left hand and a laser cannon BFG as his right. 4 basic attacks and one finisher:

- Throws his sword high into the air, each part of him deconstructs, flies behind a hero, and reconstructs just as he catches the sword and slams it into the ground, dealing massive damage in a shockwave.

- Takes aim with his large cannon, and fires an extremely large white/blue beam after a couple seconds' delay.

- Swipes his sword around him quickly, dealing medium damage to nearby heroes and knocking them back a far distance.

- Fires his gun rapidly in a wide area in front of him, dealing minor damage per shot.

Finisher - only used when below 20% health, fires his cannon into his sword and slashes wildly, sending out a series of shockwaves in random directions which deal massive damage if they land.

Attire: something like this, only with the big laser cannon attached to his right hand and the aforementioned sword in his left: http://media.photobucket.com/image/skel ... ot.jpg?o=1

Battle Music: Azrael - Powerhaus
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Box Boy » Mon May 10, 2010 9:08 pm UTC

RPG is real time, not turn based.
I'd like something which is ridiculously boastful, name(s) and title(s) which reference dozens of different myths from cultures across the globe. That or something pretentious and in Latin such as Caedes. (Carnage)

Pre-battle quote
If addressing one person in your typical rpg/action game it should preferably be both insulting and humorous, referencing a particularly sore part of their life. In a fighter it should, once again, be boastful and be punctuated with attacks.
If against a party, just go straight to the fighting while roaring a catchphrase in a gleefully insane manner.
So, I'm either a deadpan snarker or psycho for hire (both with a twist of blood knight) basically.

Moar examples
Hmm, I expected you here five minutes ago. How disappointing.
Sonovabitch- have my men not killed you yet?!?
Thanks for interrupting my lunch, douche.
Blessed be the sword that kills, the wounds it makes, the blood it spills, the lives it takes. For *insert deity here*!

Battle Arena / location
RPG: Atop a spire constructed from the corpses of my foes in the middle of a once mighty empire's capital now reduced to ash and blood stains by my ravenous hoard.
Action: Middle of a war-torn city, with the outcome of the battle depending on my fight.
Fighter: Somewhere classy, possibly in my own personal skyscraper (on top of course) or in/on a major landmark which gets torn to shreds as the fight progresses.

Weapon(s) / power(s)
For my weapons, I'd say that having a set of chains with large maces, swords and gauntlets mounted on them that I can manipulate with my control of lightning (and as a result, electromagnetism) would be for the best, preferably with a long range. A backup firearm which is appropriate for the time period would also be used.
Think of the vectors from Elfen Lied. http://media.photobucket.com/image/elfen%20lied-gif/angelxme/elgif51.gif?o=21

Three basic attacks patterns, two special combinations and set of electricity based spells.
  • First attack pattern: I lift myself into the air using my gauntlets and daggers as supports and start lashing down at the hero party. Ranged weapons or spells would be necessary to hurt me, but I'd only be able to hit one person at a time while in this position.
  • Second attack pattern: I fling myself into the party and start fighting them as a group. I use rapid spinning to scatter them around me and push/shove back one party member with half my chains while fighting the others with the remaining weapons. The pushed back person must manoeuvre there way back to me while avoiding attacks.
    If I hit a member upon the end of the fling it does half the normal damage of one of my strikes, and every other hit from then on does full.
  • Final attack pattern: when my chains take enough damage they break and I'm forced to try and hold members still while taking pot-shots with magic and my gun. This leaves me open to the others and with a lower defence, but a point blank shot is an instant kill.

    NOTE: All magic is sealed off when I have less than ten percent health left.
    • Magnet bomb: Separates the party by shoving each member (no damage) ten metres away from there current location if they are wearing or using something constructed from a ferrous metal. This is commonly used in conjunction with my final attack pattern.
    • Metal crush: Heavily damages all ferrous metal based items the party is using. This is a slow moving blast which can be stopped/deflected with magic or quick movement, and only causes physical attacks and defence to drop for one minute if it connects.
    • Lightning bolt: I summon a bolt of lightning from the sky to hit one of my foes. I can spread this out to the entire party to cause one fifth of the damage.
    • Control screw: I mess around with the electric signals in my opponents nerves and brain to make them highly disorientated and cause them to attack allies for half the normal damage (cannot use magic in this state). This requires a large amount of concentration and removes the usage of my other spells or special attacks when in use, while also forcing me into my final attack pattern without the instant kill shot ability.
    • Healing Strike: I summon a gigantic bolt of lightning and use the energy to heal myself for ten percent of my max health. This takes all my magic away for one minute due to sheer exhaustion caused and forces me into my final attack pattern, without the instant kill shot ability.
    • My chains crackle with electricity, move faster and hit harder for a minute. I must fight in my second attack pattern, and my magic does not work in this form.
    • I slam my chain's ends together dramatically in front of me, setting off a huge bolt of lightning which I can maintain as a beam for ten seconds and move around.

The other Genres are fairly boring, just your average over the top martial arts and big damn guns really.
RPG Iron armour with no covering on my joints for manoeuvrability, coloured white with a silver trim. The chains should be attached to me by metal plates on my back, forearms and shins. My gun should be kept at my side, while my chains should be wrapped around me and kept in a manner similar to Doctor Octopus's claws when not in use, short and used to make me walk and interact with objects.
Fighter: A dress suit with the jacket flung dramatically off and my shirts top buttons opened down to my waistcoat. Bow tie, monocle, cane or top hat optional.
Action: Image

Battle Music
RPG: Speed metal remix of one winged angel. I don't know if it exists, but it would be freaking sweet.
Or Ride the Lightning by Metallica/Lord of the Storm (Upon the Boiling Sea) by 3 Inches of Blood, for thematic purposes.
Action: The Dawn of Battle by Manowar
Fighting: Pretty much anything by Apocolyptica, simply because it fits with the rest of the stuff I've posted, and the Cello is my newest musical love,
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby tzar1990 » Tue May 11, 2010 4:13 am UTC

Let's see... Well, I've been designing this guy as an antagonist for a D&D campaign, but he could be modified to fit into a jRPG fairly easily, as long as it was one with multiple intelligent species and preferably a pantheistic religion.

Name: Sir Arsus (I'm still working on a decent name for him, yeah...)

Pre-Battle Quote: "Why! Why do you still oppose me? Are we not both human? Then why do you insist on fighting for the benefits of these beasts? Through my work, mankind will at last ascend to its righteous place, and strike down the creatures who would walk in our shape. Savage animals, slaves to their twisted gods, they have no right to walk among us as equals! With your power, we could have cleansed them from out lands, and then struck down the gods themselves to ensure our eternal freedom! I suppose, though, that it is too late to make you see reason. One who would betray his race in the name of these subhumans clearly lacks the faculty to understand the true nature of the world. There is only one path left for us to take now. For the dignity of mankind, BE PURGED!"

Battle Arena: A huge cathedral made out of white stone, in the middle of a burning city. At the far end of the arena is a shattered statue of a woman carrying a cup in her right hand and a dagger in her left.There are two lines of pillars that go along the floor, and stained glass windows in the walls.

Weapons/Powers: He fights with blasts of light magic, fire, and a staff with a metal end in his right hand. Note that this should be an action-rpg where you move and attack freely, not turnbased.
-Purifying Radiance: He yells loudly (players cue to dodge) and then sends a huge blast of light out of his staff. If the player could see it from the side, it would look like a filled-in parabola of white light.
-Souls' Light: He waves the staff, creating six balls of light, which hover for a second and then, all at once, launch into a long arc ending where the player is. They land in a rough spread, and each create a small explosion.
-Dominating Flames: He forms a whip made of fire around his left hand, and attacks the player with it, in a whip combo that ends with a smash that lights the floor around it on fire.
-Mankind's Fury: The end of the staff flashes before subsiding to a harsh glow, and he attempts to close into melee with the player. The strikes do a lot of damage, but if you block them a couple of times in a row, the light goes out and you'll have a few seconds to beat on him as he tries to retreat.
-Final Attack | Indignity of the False God: He lashes out at the building, with fire on his left and a beam of light on his right, taking out a few of the pillars and the windows, he then proceeds to control the shards, attacking you with huge chunks of rubble, storms of multicolored broken glass, and the occasional laser or fireball. However, this takes most of his attention to maintain, so if you can get through to him, you can end the battle.

Attire: Sort of like this: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/images/15636-2-1204367777.jpg. No hood, though. Instead, he would have long blond hair, and a silver cape. At about half health, your attack would damage the cape, and he would rip it off in between his next two attacks. His mace looks kinda like this one: http://www.wiu.edu/commencement/images/mace.jpg

Battle Music: Something bombastic, dominating and foreboding. Maybe like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEM4HHXqtL8 or this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGqlEL9WQW0. It needs to sound almost noble in parts, but still be obviously a villain theme. Although now that I think of it, if the game wanted to be slightly more off-putting, they could give him religious music of praise instead. Maybe have it start off all choral and nice, and then have it become dissonant and shift into a minor key as he gets closer to death.
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Decker » Wed May 12, 2010 3:31 am UTC

Name: Dr. Deskall
Before Battle Quote: "Death? Defeat? Mercy? Human concepts. I am no longer human."
Battle Arena: Steampunkish underground laboratory, with lots of gears and whirling blade traps and tubes with glowing green liquid in them.
Weapons/powers: Invader Zim / Dr. Octopus mechanical backpack legs with sharp tips. Deadly eye laser. Hard to kill.
Attire: Standard Mad Scientist, with some 1800's flavor.
Battle Music: This

Basically think something out of Girl Genius.
I imagine it as a two part battle. First your standard battle against the mad villain as he tries to zap you and stab you and whatnot.
Second is a chase through the trap filled corridors of the laboratory, trying to get to the power source of the lab before the doctor can catch you and avoiding all the traps and nasty things. The doctor would loose pieces in the chase, until he's just some mechanical half-person or something at the end.

Up until the final battle, my theme music would be this.
I was angry with my friend. I told my wrath. My wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe. I told it not. My wrath did grow.

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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Spambot5546 » Wed May 12, 2010 1:02 pm UTC

Name: Johnny

Pre-battle quote: "I did what i did, Jez, and i don't regret it. I won't take any shit from your for it, either."

Battle Arena: Prohibition-era liquor storage.

Attire: The snazziest mother-fuckin' zoot-suit you ever saw. Not the comical exaggerated kind, but one of the ones that actually looks cool.

Weapons: Johnny carries a sidearm and a cane sword.

Battle Music: Mozart - Lacrimosa

A little backstory: I had an idea for a game based on the song "Angry Johnny" by Poe, which would follow a gangster going by the pseudonym Jezebel in her quest for revenge against Johnny for an unnamed offense in her past.
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby King Author » Thu May 13, 2010 1:12 pm UTC

Signup sheets FTW.

Game Style: Typical Japanese-style, story-focused console RPG. My final battle is three-tiered.

Name 1: Vesper
Name 2: Vesper SCHIZM
Name 3: Vesper SOUL

Pre-Battle Quote 1: I catch Light and cast Shadow. I've pierced the very Veil of reality. All Creation sprawls beneath my feet, and still you oppose me? Very well...
Pre-Battle Quote 2: Can't you understand? There's no hope for this world! The only chance life has is to start over! I won't let you stop me, no matter what it costs!
Pre-Battle Quote 3: Ahahahaha, yes! You fell for it! You've completely purged me of the Shadow! The one thing I couldn't do on my own! The Heart of this world will accept me, now! Once I've finished with you...!

Battle Arena 1: Zolsin Lake. It's a frozen lake in the underworld that contains, under its frozen waves, the source of all life in the form of a brilliant light, which I seek to snuff out so I can recreate the universe anew. That light is the "Heart" I refer to above.
Battle Arena 2: Mt. Genesis. The mountain directly above Zolsin Lake. I break the ceiling over the lake when I transform into my second form, and the heroes scramble up and fight me from a cliffside.
Battle Arena 3: ???? An infinite plane of black nothingness, and I shining in it's center.

Battle Music 1: Grand Cross (The Black Mages, from Final Fantasy IX)
Battle Music 2: Beast of Blood (Malice Mizer)
Battle Music 3: Galacta Knight Battle (Kirby Superstar Ultra OST)

Appearance 1: Basically just me (tall white guy with rugged good looks :p) only anime-esque, preferably in the 1990s style, like Vision of Escaflowne or Gundam Wing. Wearing ragged traveller's clothes.
Appearance 2: Mountain-sized grotesque demonic-looking creature of pure darkness, with glowing green eyes within a mask-like face of bone white.
Appearance 3: A humanoid of solidified white light, like Adam/Eva01 from Evangelion.

Powers 1: Fighting without a weapon, I rely entirely on magic. At Zolsin Lake, I simply use elemental magic like the heroes do. It takes a certain level of badass not to rely upon any special or signiture attacks, don't you think?
Powers 2: Having transformed into such a massive beast, I mainly just smash at the heroes with my giant fists, though I use dark-elemental magic as well. Whenever they use magic against me, however, I counter with an intense non-elemental energy blast.
Powers 3: I attack physically, with kicks and punches, in equal measure with light-elemental energy blasts.
I have signitures disabled. If you do, too...you can't read this, so nevermind >_>

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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Turtlewing » Thu May 13, 2010 1:33 pm UTC

The big box of doom

Pre-battle quote:
Nothing, I just sit there temptingly.

Battle Arena / location:
a 10'x10' room at the end of the last level

Weapon(s) / power(s):
if you open the big box of doom, you die.
(to clear the level you must back out of the door slowly and close it behind you.)

cardboard with "Warning: conetnts may include Doom!" written in big red letters.

Battle Music:
Utter silence.

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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby fyrenwater » Tue May 18, 2010 10:02 am UTC

TEXT WALLS AHOY! I got carried away... :oops:
I'd be the final boss in a third-person-view 3D brawler game, set in the business world, with some other-worldly undertones and subtext. Over-the-top and self-mocking at times.

Basically there's this one office company that a bunch of people want to work for, for some unknown reason. Getting in as easy, but the race to get promoted drove people mad. The buildings are filled with people on edge. The player character is someone who thinks (s)he can make his/her way up that corporate ladder by force. Once (s)he arrives and starts a fight, everyone snaps and huge fights break out with the player in the middle of it. Basically an excuse plot for crazy-awesome brawls in office buildings. Only melee weapons, mostly improvised (chairs, printers, scalding coffee, furniture fortuitously broken into club-like chunks, etc.)

Name: The CEO
Attire: Grey-black men's business suit, sans tie. Hair in high ponytail. Red tennis shoes.
Pre-battle quote CUTSCENE:
Player character finally reaches the top of the main branch. (S)he kicks open the door and steps into a large office with huge windows, walls of bookshelves, and display cases of medieval weapons. There's a normal-looking woman in a business suit seated at a desk, calmly filing paperwork. She appears completely normal, unlike the frothing-mad enemies and bosses that the player had faced throughout the game.
CEO: [doesn't even look up] "Do you have an appointment?"
Player character: [confused] "...What?"
CEO: [looks up] "An appointment. Did you make one with my secretary?"
(The Secretary was the stab-happy mid-boss for the final level)
Player character: "HOW? She was psycho!"
CEO: [cheerfully chuckles] "She's difficult at times." [she puts the paperwork away into a desk drawer]
Player: [angry] "Quit stalling, you know what I'm here for." [points weapon at CEO] "I'm here for your position!"
CEO: [shakes head and smiles] "So arrogant..." [she stands up] "Is that how you ask for a promotion?"
Player: "LET'S FIGHT ALREADY!" [throws weapon at CEO]
CEO: [easily sidesteps, then smiles deviously, her eyes faintly glowing] "As you wish."
[She grasps the edge of the desk and flips up the entire thing and throws it at the player character.]

(QUICK TIME EVENT: Press X to awesomely dodge and pick up your thrown weapon. Miss and kick the desk to pieces, sending chunks of wood and metal, office supplies, and paper flying. The player will have to manually find a weapon amongst the mess.)

Battle location: CEO's office. Paper will fly around during the battle, making it hard to see. Both the boss and player can kick up paper. If either gets caught in the cloud, they're forced to go into defensive stance. Lots of bad one-liners and witty banter.
Weapons/Abilities: Hand-to-hand combat, various office improv weapons. Whatever weapons the boss can use, so can the player. Most furniture and items usable as weapons, to varying degrees of usefulness. The medieval weapons? COCKTEASE. They do mediocre damage and break after a few hits. They are antiques, after all. :lol:
Music: Rose At Midnight by NemesisTheory

(CEO's HP hits zero)
Player kicks up papers and The CEO goes into a defensive stance. Player lets out a battle cry and jumpkicks the CEO. She blocks the hit, but staggers back from the force. The player falls to the ground and looks up to see the CEO stumbling backwards and smashing into the glass, tumbling through the window.
Player: [horrified, "didn't mean to do that" look] "...Oh shit."
Player scrambles up and rushes to the window in panic, only to get grabbed by the tie. The CEO drags the player out and both begin free-falling.

Battle location: Mutha fckin' FREE-FALL
Weapons: Hand-to-hand combat. More a playable cutscene than a true fight. Both fighters fully healed at start and whatever damage done carries over to stage three. Attentive players will note that the player's eyes begin to glow. Lots of trash-talking.
Music: Rose At Nightfall by NemesisTheory (Oh God I swear I didn't mean for that "fall" pun.)

(Time runs out)
The two are pounding at each other when the ground looms into view. The CEO grabs the player and flips so the player will "cushion" her fall. The two slam into the player's car with enough impact crush it and send car bits flying. The player takes the brunt of the impact and when the dust clears, we see The CEO getting up and standing over the apparently-defeated player.
CEO: [looks at the sidewalk and sees a fire hydrant] "Tsk tsk, parking by a hydrant?" [looks at remains of car and player] "That's what you get for parking here." [heartily laughs]
The CEO too busy laughing to notice the player get up and pick up a car bumper
Player: "I liked my car, you bitch!" [swings bumper and knocks CEO into the hydrant, breaking it off and sending water gushing]
CEO: [visibly hurt, gets up] [shocked] "...No. You should be dead! How did you survive that?? Only someone with a CEO's power..."
Player: [slightly deranged chuckle, drops bumper] "...Every time I defeated a peon, promoted myself." [kicks away car tire] "Every time I defeated a manager, I promoted myself." [kicks away motorcycle] "I defeated e-ver-y-one below you." [kicks aside entire wreckage of player's car] "And now there's only one. person. left. And it's time for my final promotion."

Battle location: Street. The busted fire hydrant creates a "battle in the rain" effect.
Weapons: CARS AND MOTORCYCLES. Epic over-the-top fight with the two throwing vehicles at each other, using entire motorcycles as melee weapons, and environment-destroying punches and kicks. Conversation down to CEO's dwindling sanity and denial of player's power.
Music: Rose At Twilight by NemesisTheory

(CEO defeated)
CEO: [falls to knees] "...So it's come to this. You stormed into my company, overcame everything I threw at you, and defeated my best employees."
Player: "Am I... promoted now?"
CEO: "...Come again?"
Player: "Am I promoted?"
CEO: [suddenly loud and angry] "PROMOTED?"

Player suddenly wakes up. Turns out it was all a dream. (S)he's been asleep during a meeting, and mumbling about a promotion. Coworkers (who resemble the game bosses but are completely normal people) are staring and snickering. The player looks up and locks eyes with the meeting speaker, The CEO.
CEO: [slightly annoyed, but still good-humored] "Sleeping at my meeting and you wanna be promoted, you say? Feh, you're damned lucky you're one of my best workers. Tell you what, because you've got the balls to sleep during my meeting, I'll give you a chance at a promotion. You know the procedure." [her eyes glow slightly]

The CEO sets down her notes and strides out of the meeting room. The coworkers start cheering, yelling, taking bets. The player gets up, eyes slightly glowing, and walks out, the coworkers follow. The scene cuts to The CEO and player in an open space in the parking garage, a crowd of coworkers around them. The two are fighting each other, armed with car parts and throwing punches and kicks hard enough to dent metal and break concrete.

...Whew. That was incredibly fun and helped me get out of my uninspired funk.
...It made more sense in my head.

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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Indon » Wed May 19, 2010 8:17 pm UTC

Genre: RPG.

Name: The Archon

Pre-Battle Quote: I am the avatar of law and civilization. My will is right and proper for mankind, and you're fools to oppose me.
Second Form Quote: You can not defeat me so easily. I will show you the power of my empire!
Third Form Quote: Aaaarrgh! I... can... not... die... Mankind is unready to decide its' own destiny!

Battle Arena: The Archon's seat of power, the (still semi-functioning) ruins of a once technologically advanced megalopolis.

Weapon/Powers (First Form): Exceptional strength, speed, and magical powers themed around buffing. Summons technological minions and/or cultists and bolsters them with buff spells.
Weapon/Powers (Second Form): After the heroes show they can defeat the Archon and his forces, he utilizes technomantic powers to create a living city-shell about him, basically a fight against a giant mecha.
Weapon/Powers (Third Form): After the heroes destroy the giant mecha and the Archon's mortal form is slain, he goes out in a blaze of glory as his immortal form manifests - a being of pure law. In this form, the Archon relies primarily on magical attacks. The city may also be on fire or something at this point.

First Form Appearance: Humanoid, with a strong leader-of-men theme. Probably fairly plain clothes. Blue color scheme for clothes.
Second Form Appearance: Giant mecha.
Third Form Appearance: Shining, geometric being.

First Form Music: The Spider, by Kansas.
Second Form Music: Ytse Jam, by Dream Theater.
Third Form Music: An instrumental form of Theatre of Pain, by Blind Guardian. (Please disregard the video on that, it was the only one I could find on Youtube - non-instrumental version here)

Edit: Better boss music, and linked.
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby hideki101 » Tue May 25, 2010 10:33 pm UTC

I don't think I would be a final boss, mostly because I'm laid back about that sort of thing, and my favorite power is best used as a wall to delay rather than as an offensive force. I would probably be the boss before the final boss, the one people would tend to rage about, because I would be so hard to damage.

Name: Chris Shiromaru (not my real name, but whatever, I don't wanna post that)
Type of game: real time RPG/fighter
Appearance: short black hair, medium build, with a blue hoodie and long pants that are festooned with pockets.

Pre-battle scene:
C(hris): So you've beaten Eve? That's impressive. And here I was, thinking I would be bored out of my mind.
P(rotagonist): You don't seem to be like that last one. Why are you here?
C: I'm here to stop you if course. The final procedures should be in place momentarily, and with luck, we shall see something that has only been told about in legends.
P: You'll destroy the planet!!
C: That is a highly unlikely outcome. Most likely this will generate a wellspring of energy our civilization will be able to use for a millenia. However, I am slightly curious to see what exactly will happen. I am a man of science after all. To reveal the unknown and to understand it is our modus operandi.
P: But the prophecy...
C: Prophecies are just phrases taken out of context or made intentionally vague to fit a future event. Most of the time, they're fake, or true because of a misunderstanding like your "magic."
P: It looks like I won't persuade you to move out of the way then.
C: Well, If it means anything to you, you won't be going any farther then this anyway. (Snaps fingers. The hallway suddenly looks like it extends to infinity, repeating the same length.)
C: I've closed off this hallway. Now you can't escape here until you defeat me. By the way, I've forgotten to introduce myself have I? My name is Chris Shiromaru, the Gatekeeper of Dimensions. You may come at me whenever you like.

Infinite looking hallway with smooth, metallic walls. The hallway loops after it's length. Any projectile attacks that go to either end of the hallway loop back from the other side. whenever they do this, they automatically re orient themselves to aim at the hero. They also bounce off the walls along the way.

Powers/battle usage:
My main power is the ability to create stable gates between two locations in space. Anything entering one gate will appear exit at the other gate. if I only open one gate, it leads to a "storage" universe that keeps stored items in stasis that can be released at any time.

I alternate randomly between two phases. The first phase whenever the hero comes to hit me, I put up a mirrored gate, where any melee attacks from the front and sides are blocked. This has the added effect of stunning the hero for a split second, and dealing double damage to their melee weapon.(if unarmed, it deals half the damage you would do to me back to you.) The second phase, whenever a projectile attack would hit me, a black gate opens up and absorbs the projectile (whenever a laser-type projectile is incoming, two gates open, one entrance, and one exit, aimed in a random direction. Lasers don't bounce off walls). After a certain amount of time, several white gates open, aimed at the hero, and all collected projectiles are released at them. (shots that were originally homing are now linear) all the projectiles bouncing around stay that way until I'm defeated or they impact something, and both sides can take get hurt by them. As my health gets lower and lower, the delay between switching phases gets shorter, and at 1/4 health, I automatically switch to the melee phase if you approach within five meters, and to the projectile phase if you shoot a ranged weapon/magic. At this point, you kinda need to rely on ricochets. I have no directly offensive weaponry, and I generally don't move, unless there are more than 5 projectiles incoming, at which point I fall through a gate at my feet, and fall through the corresponding gate at a random location.

Post battle:
C: (lying on the ground. The infinite hallway vanishes, and all remaining bouncing projectiles are destroyed when they make contact with either end.) (cough) Ow ow ow, that hurts. Well, You have proven to be a most interesting opponent. I am defeated. (Struggles to sit up, but eventually gives up.)
P: And what of you?
C: I'll recover in a bit. I've probably delayed you enough for the initialization to complete anyway.
P: Dammit! (Begins to run off)
C: Hey!
P: (Stops and turns.) What!?
C: If you survive this, call me. (drops a card into a small gate, the exit of which is over the Hero's hand) I have a proposal I think you may be interested in.
P: (hurredly) Maybe. (runs off.)

Boss music: Night Falls ~ Evening Star -- Yukari Yakumo's Theme---> I really wanted to have Yukari's Necrofantasia because of the similarities comparing my power to hers, but that's more suitable to a final boss or something, so I chose her IaMP theme.
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby LuNatic » Wed May 26, 2010 6:12 am UTC

Name: The Lumberjack
Pre-Battle Quote: You will be DEATHECATED! *Roar*
Battle Location: Forest
Weapon: A large wooden club, with a wolverine hanging onto the end that snarls bites, and slashes when he swings the club
Attire:A grizzly bear, dressed something like this

Battle Music: Monty Pythons lumberjack song, played with metal guitars.

I really want to play a game like this :D
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby SiriusBeatz » Wed May 26, 2010 6:33 am UTC

This one seems like good fun :D

Name: Alastair, Lord of Steel
Pre-battle quote: Uh... Dialogue isn't really my strong point, but he'd probably say something involving how pathetic the attempts of the protagonists to defeat him would be, invincible and growing stronger, defeat inevitable, etc. You know. Final boss staples.
Battle Arena / location: I originally conceived of him in a generic fantasy environment, but I think, considering his background, some kind of massive, disheveled, steampunk-esque factor sort of thing would fit best.
Weapon(s) / power(s) (no god-moding please.): Okay. So he basically shapes metal with sheer force of will into armor, shields, weapons, and junk. The battle starts with him in a pretty basic armor + sword/shield combo, but as it progresses, the design of his armors and weapons gets more elaborate until he begins incorporating moving parts that basically form a powered exoskeleton, and then a giant, mechanical robot thing.
Attire: See above :P
Battle Music: I think a nice, cinematic orchestral piece would do. Lots of emphasis on rhythm rather than melody/harmony - some found metallic percussion (like drums, pans, and junk) would be a nice touch. As the battle progresses, the music shifts from a conventional orchestral texture with percussive accents into an intense, quasi-industrial style with orchestral flourishes. I'd probably have more fun writing the music than anything else involved in this encounter, frankly... :wink:

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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Visk » Wed May 26, 2010 5:22 pm UTC

Ooh, these are my favorite kind of topics; being a writer and avid gamer I do so thoroughly adore character creation.

Name: Lord Dephnalius Agresior

Pre-battle quote: "And so here we stand, you and I. What else did you expect, hero? That you would come this far without my noticing? I must say I am impressed on how one such as yourself has managed to survive this long, though I can assure you your good fortune won't hold out much longer. My final preparations are nearing their end, and once they are complete not even I could silence the chaos that will come forth. Why would I do such a thing, you ask? Why destroy the world and burn it all to the ground? Well then I must ask you, why defend it? What has this world ever done for you? I can tell you are thinking about your friends, your family, your life, all the joy all of it has brought you. But what about the pain? The sorrow? The darkness that exists to oppose the light? You might think that I am this darkness, but you would be wrong. I am not fighting to destroy the world because I hate it, I am fighting to destroy the world because it cannot be that perfect thing we all wish it was. I am going to end it all in order to end the true darkness that plagues this land like the necrotic wound festering on what should have been a pure being. I am tired of living in fear; I need to take control. If I end it now, then there will be no more pain. All that remains will be the serenity of death, the release from this accursed nightmare. So you want to fight to preserve what little joy there is? So be it, but let me warn you: I will not forgo my dream. I will not die alone on this day!"

Battle Arena / location: A massive arena inside a underground facility; machinery, gears, electricity, steam, etc going on all around

Weapon(s) / power(s) (no god-moding please.): Cybernetic, shape-shifting gauntlets that can fire energy projectiles, turn into blades, change into different weapons (giant pair of floating claws a la Haunter, energy rifles, etc), control over the gravity in the arena

Attire: Some mix between a 1920s suit and the kind of thing Dracula would wear (really high-class formal wear). The gauntlets look really out of place, but as the fight progresses the clothes become sort of "infected" with the cybernetics of the gauntlets

Battle Music:
Part One: One of a Kind - Bayonetta (this should have been the music against Jubileus, so I'm taking it)
Part Two (after some critical point/game changer): Final Battle - Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story (maybe remix it to be more orchestrated)
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Jahoclave » Tue Jun 01, 2010 7:10 am UTC

Your customizable aspects goes as follows:

Name: I'm a little teapot (Seriously, I don't understand why the bad guys don't do this so as to make the good guys seem ridiculous)
Pre-battle quote: N/A
Battle Arena / location: My carefully designed lair that has one single purpose, killing any would be hero before they can ever even bother me.
Weapon(s) / power(s) (no god-moding please.): Not wasting time explaining my elaborate plan and simply killing the good guy with the most effective and quickest method available. And then double-tapping.
Attire: Bathrobe: I'm the ultimate badass, why the fuck should I have to get out of bed.
Battle Music: Well, it'll be less than six seconds long, anything longer than that represents a design flaw in my location.

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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby QuantumED » Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:08 am UTC

Ok then:
Boss Name: Mind-Virus

Boss speech:
Well, guess what hero... You just lost twenty dollars and my self respect! bahahahahahaha (evil laugh goes on for about 30 seconds). Anyway. That made me lose twenty dollars and my self respect, so gtfo of my house or die.
*If hero chooses to leave*
Just kidding! You die anyway! *Backhands hero across face and hero dies*
*If hero chooses to stay*
This time you'll lose twenty dollars and my self respect. Permanently...

Battle Arena:
A house, filled with heaps of gold and precious jewels and other such bling.

Black hat with a feather in it (for maximum coolness), some black+red robes, a black+red cape and a gold staff and gold necklace (for maximum bling).

Backhand Across Face: If hero comes into short range (e.g. closer than normal reach of any weapon except dagger), the hero gets backhanded across the face, loses ~12.5% hp and is smashed backwards.
We're Overstaffed: Claps hand, another staff appears in the other hand and I throw both of them at the hero (if they hit they do ~5% hp damage). Claps hands again and another staff appears.
Gold'Diggah: Says: Bring on the Bling! All these gold weapons spawn out of the walls and fly at the hero (to avoid he/she must backflip over them continously) - each weapons does about ~1% hp damage (but theres around 25-30 of them).
A Feather in my Cap: Reaches to feather it hat, pulls it out, and it becomes a massive sword. Takes a couple of heavy swings at the hero (does ~20% damage if one hits)
You lost twenty dollars and my self respect: This attack can only happen if the fight has gone on for 20 minutes or longer (is possible as The Game has about a million hp, but his attacks are not that strong (except this one)). I freeze the hero, walk over to him/her, and tell him/her they lost twenty dollars and my self respect. Then I grab my staff and fire a massive black beam at him/her (close inspection reveals that the black is actually the game written millions of times). This attack does 99% damage - but does not kill the hero. After this I cannot attack for one minute.

Last Words:
Damnit! Now I've lost twenty dollars and my self respect... Permanently.
If hero is defeated: I guess you just lost twenty dollars and my self respect. Permanently. At least, until you spawn again and come back.

Battle Music:
The Game by Whyte Lyte repeated over and over
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby Triangle_Man » Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:22 pm UTC

Yay! This seems like fun. I've actually been conspetualizing a series of Action RPGs of my own, but I think I'll use the final boss of the third game as an example.

Plotline - The basic sinerio of the game is that a massive supercomputer has been built inside a skyscraper in the middle of a busiling metropolous, designed to control everything from traffic-lights to satalites. During the course of the game, however, the building will create 'digital overlays', zones were a kind of solid hologram is projected into a specific area. The protoganists begin to fight within these zones and slowly realize that someone working at the computer tower is the one responsible for the phenominon. However, when they finally do defeat him at the 'end' of the game, they learn that he was innocent all along; at that point, the group is ambushed by one of the robots that work within the tower, and after easily cutting off its arm proceed to chase it throughout the tower.

Phase 1:

Name: Worker Droid (?)
Location: The hallways of the tower.
Weapons: At this point, all the robot is doing is running away; however, he can move at high speeds and sent other robots after you to attack.
Apperence:In this case, he is a blue and grey robot with a humanoid form from the waist up; the wast down is a metal pole attached to a rail set into the floor.
Battle Music: We'd need an electronica piece that evokes the feeling of a chase. I'm not sure.

After a while, you'll corner the robot inside a larger chamber full of computer equipment. This is where it gets weird and possibly corny; the robot reveals that it is effectively the Internet itself! It has somehow acheived sentience and has decided that human beings are fundmentally depraved and evil creatures based on its content; therefore, it has decided to establish a connection with a set of military killsats (which for reasons that others could better elaborate aren't hooked up to the rest of the internet) and use them to obliterate us all from outer space. It created the vitural zones in order to distract people from its objectives, and it has occupied the robotic body so that it may fight you while the connection is being established.

At this point, you begin fighting him.

Phase 2:

Name: The Internet


Location: The main computer room of the Tower.

Attacks: The internet is accompanied by dozens of hovering cubes that mainly serve to fire lasers. During the battle he will constantly arrange these cubes into a variety of shapes and formations, creating a laser death obsitcle course that the heros will have to navigate throughout the entire battle. The boss himself is riding on one of these cubes, and has built a massive floating structure that you must climb in order to reach him and begin dealing damage.

Apperence: Almost the same as before, except that his lower body is one of the cubes and he is wearing fancy red and black battle armor this time around.

After you deal enough damage, most of the cubes will be destroyed and it seems like you'll win; however, by this time the boss has hacked into one of the killsats and is now prepairing to move it into position to fire at the building with the intention of destroying the building and killing everyone inside of this. At this time, the boss throws up an invicible force feild and proceeds to use the few remaining cubes to launch laser based death upon you. Forunetelly, the charaters realize that they don't have to destroy the robot; all they have to do is cut off the transmitter that the internet is using to control the satalite, which they can now see due to the massive hole in the roof that has been created by the last attack that they'd launched against the internet (via a cut-scene). At this point, you'll have three minutes to traverse the weackage created by the collapsed roof in order to reach the transmitter, cut off the signal and temporarally disable the internet. If you fail, you will get a cut-scene where the entire tower and surronding area is destroyed by a massive laser beam; succeed, and the internets ambitions will be haulted with the destruction of the transmitter; right afterwards, the tower is destroyed by carefully detonated explosives after everyone has been evacuated from it, thus cutting off one of the most powerful conduets of the internet and temporarally haulting its plans.

Phase 3:

Name: The Internet redux


Location: The Main computer room as well as areas outside of and on the roof of the tower.

Weapons: The boss now has an invicible force field and will continue firing lasers at you using the nine cubes that it has left. It will now follow you as you climb to the transmitter and impede you every step of the way.

Apperence: Same as before, except very damaged looking do the the strength of the attack that you used at the end of phase 2 (in a cut scene).

Battle Music: For both phases 2 and 3, I'd need a fast electonica tune, such as this one. :arrow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMrcEQuT ... sponse_rev

Thats just my idea, really...
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Re: If you were a final boss

Postby icanflywaitno » Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:14 am UTC

Seems like my old childhood fantasies. I used to imagine myself being a boss.

Name: z3phyrus (taken from my original internet/gaming name)
Pre-battle quote *yawns* *stands up from chair* *picks up katana* *lights a cigar* *plugs in the iPod earphones and sets it to something by All That Remains* *sticks the middle finger up to the main character*
Location: The Dubai tower, the battle progresses up towards the top, then moves into a C-17 plane, then goes to a free fall battle as the plane explodes from 40,000 feet.
Weapons: A katana, a USP .45, and the power to control the wind and weather
Attire: Looks something like this

Battle Music: Something like Dream Theater

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