Global Siege: Tactical/Squadron Based RPG

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Global Siege: Tactical/Squadron Based RPG

Postby Marisa » Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:36 pm UTC

Global Siege

Global Siege is a Squadron based RPG. I have based it off several Role-playing games I have played in the past. If you enjoy RPGs, or any form of Empire/Army based RPGs or video games, there is a very good probability you will like this game.
Also, please inform if there are any flaws or inconsistencies with the game's story. This game was developed by a few people, so errors may be present.

Anyways, Thank you and enjoy! :mrgreen:

Story: It is the year 728 A.D., 728 after Declaration of War on the island-country of Lyon. The War noted were the great Pheonetic Wars, which began when humans and other races, previously indifferent to each other, declared a brutal war that lasted hundreds of years. The wars did not conclude until 401 A.D., in which the final Pheonetic War was waged. The final war ended when the Allied Races finally defeated the humans. Hundreds of years have past since then, and with that time, the friction between the races have diminished. Now the aims of Lyon are to have enough resources to meet it's growing population and energy consumption levels. To do this, a colony was sent from Lyon to a resource-laden island a few hundred miles away. After making the indiginous populace leave, the colony began mining and resource-harvesting.
However, the indiginous populace was actually part of a much bigger group. They returned in large numbers, heavily armed. Declaring themselves citizens of Bryinnia, a battle insued in which many on either side were wounded and killed. This began the Lyon-Bryinnia war, which has been going on until the present, both sides giving and taking various types of assualts.
You choose an affliation, be it Lyon, Bryinnia, or another, and will battle for you and your people. Every character will have a big effect not just in the current war, but perhaps the world as a whole.

Character Creation

Your character will be a squadron leader within an army of your choice. they will lead assaults, defenses, and special operations, being promoted and granted more men and supplies, and rise through the ranks.

Personal Weaponry:
Personal Specialization:
Squad Name:
Squad Type:
Squad Size:

Races The races that populate the land are all listed here. A brief description is given, describing the races politics, general behavior, physiology, and anything that could give an advantage.

Note:Racial-modifying numbers only apply to Personnel-based squads. Vehicles have the same number of soldiers for each race.

Humans: Human height ranges from 5'1 to 6'2, and reach maturity at age eighteen. Their society is non-biased about gender, or age.
While not particularly excelling at any talent, humans have strength in numbers. The numbers given for the squad size are human based. Also, humans do well in groups, achieving more together than they would apart. Out of all the races, Humans have the greatest stamina, allowing them to fight or travel for longer than any other races.

Elves: The elves of this world are a race of mystic, intelligent beings. They harness ancient fey-magics, and live as one with nature. As the Pheonetic war dragged on, they dropped many ancient customs, and have taken to the way of the A'Shuala. The A'Shuala is an ancient elven oath, now taken by all who live within their society." Fight to win. Die to Win. Win to Win." Is what it translates to in common tongue.
During the wars, the elves took orders from the Skiallia, or Sky People. The Skiallia direct them as to where they shall take their war-bands to fight humanity, and when to retreat. The Skiallia apparently did them good, as they won many great battles against the humans.
In elven society, Men and women are separate until married by their parents. As such, there are two distinctions between sex: Men are front-line soldiers and defenders, and women are hunters and observers. This being said, women being brave and stalwart is strange, and men being secretive and shifty is strange. Elven height ranges from 4'8 to 5'5, and age of maturity is twenty-two.
Elves are specialized depending on gender. Women are greater at stealthy maneuvers and use of lighter weaponry and armament. Men are better with heavier weapons and up front tactics. When determining Squad size, elves have minus two to the number.

Dwarrow: Dwarrow, or Dwarves as the humans called them, Were once a proud race of Smiths and Warriors, living in grand underground halls of glory and honor, celebrating ancestral triumphs and battling dangers in the depths. During the Pheonetic Wars, the Humans enslaved the Dwarrow, forcing them to work in Human mines. When they revolted, the Dwarrow destroyed nearly all of the Human's major mines. The Dwarves follow King Swashire. Dwarves Height ranges from 4'5 to 5'3. They reach maturity at age 25. They are a unisexual race, reproducing though some odd process. They all grow beards, which serve as a clan distinction.
In battle, Dwarves favor Heavy weapons, vehicles, and tactics. If a situation is going against a dwarven commander, his squadron can invoke ancestral spirits. It is unknown if this is some lost magical art, or just some pyhche out, but it empowers dwarves. It either leads them to an honorable death, or a grand victory. When determining Dwarven Squad Numbers, minus 5.

Halves: Centuries of living with other cultures gives this race no language or true name of their own, the Hales were the only race that sided with the humans during the Pheonetic Wars. Halves are small-Folk, believed to be some strange cousin to humanity. They have often been mistaken for human children. Their culture and government coincides with humanity, and they believe they owe the humans their livelihood. Halves have a semi biased way of life, with males taking leadership positions, while females tend the young. But, since their people join the human military, a female Halve could lead a squad just as well as a Male Halve. Halve height ranges from 3'8, to 4'5. They reach maturity at 15.
Halves specialize in small unit combat and loner tactics. Often, an entire squadron could be brought down by one expert Halve sniper or saboteur. Halve equipment and vehicles cannot defend or doll out as much damage as other species, because they are smaller built. But they are faster and lighter built. When determining squad size, use the basic human number.

Brutals: In times of ancient, Brutals were everyones enemy. They roamed the land raping, pillaging, and killing as they pleased. Their race was once driven beyond the naked mountains of the south, thought to have been wiped out. However, the Allied Races brought back the Brutals during the Pheonetic Wars. They fought in the great Battle of Kalko's Mountain , a battle that stretched out for a week, and killed nearly half of all fighting Brutals. However, just as many humans were killed, and they were prevented from crossing the important mountain range.
Brutals are physically tough beings. They range from 6'3 to 7'0 in height, and have skin tones ranging from grey to green. They reach maturity at age five. They are stooped in posture, with beefy necks nearly taken up by shoulder muscle. Their heads are therefore below the shoulders, with incredibly small brains. They have tusks, and sometimes horns that sprout at random parts of their bodies.
Brutals take horde tactics, using numbers and heavy firepower to wear down the enemy until they break and die. They can take immense amount of damage before dieing, and are excellent at melee combat, a near lost art. However, it is hard for them to formulate plans and tactics, which they rely on their commanders or a soldier from another race. When determining squad numbers, add five.

Shiarn: The Shiarn are feline creatures, from the southern jungles. they had never met humanity before the war, but when it happened, they were attacked by humans before any settlement could be made. they were enslaved, and nearly culturally destroyed until saved by the allied races.
They are mostly human in appearance, but have catlike ears and tails, along with claws. They range from 5'1 to 5'5, and mature at age 19.
The Shiarn were called the vanguard of the Allied armies because they fulfilled many rolls within its' ranks. They were the main guards of captured cities and fortifications, and seem to run grand supply lines for the armies. All species in the Allied forces played their part in the war, but it could be argued that the Shiarn were the "leaders" of the Allied species. They are ruled by a grand council, ruled by dukes of politics, trade, battle, and religion.
Shiarn specialize in quick, guerilla warfare, making swift attacks then disappearing again. They are also adept climbers and leapers, making them invaluable scouts. When determining squad size, minus three.

Sky-Folk: The sky folk are an elemental race, descended from the realm of eternal air. Their people ride through the skies in beautiful cities made from glass and cloud-stuff. However, many of these cities were ruined in the Pheonetic War. The Sky Folk got back at the Humans, using their skills for reconnaissance and sabotage. In the Great Raid, The Sky-Folk managed to shut off the human's main nuclear weapon facilities.
The Sky Folk are barely visible, blue wisps in a bipedal humanoid form. Their eyes glow brightly in different colors, and their hair is like single-colored clouds. Their society has no gender equality problems. Their height ranged from 5'5 to 6'5, and they reach maturity at age 22. Some of the greater and wiser Sky-Folk become the Skiallia, and watch over their own people and the elves.
Sky folk specialize in raiding and spying on humans. Their equipment is made light and fast, their tactics are silent, and usually either leave no witnesses, or no survivors. When determining squad size, minus two.


Affiliation is the country or organization your character is fighting for. They are as following:

Lyon: A bustling country where the Pheonetic Wars took place. It's military advantages lie in it's large population, meaning that recruited groups will be larger than in other countries. However, besides fighting Bryinnia, the frequent shortage of food and resources mean Lyonian forces will have to combat rebels and criminals.

Bryinnia: A beautiful island that has been invaded by Lyon. The populace is less than a third of Lyon's. However, Bryinnian's have exotic resources unavailable to other countries. Note that Bryinnia's central government consits of not one, but several authority figures from different groups around the island, so internal issues may pop up.

Moshu: A theocracy that has relations with both Lyon and Bryinnia, so the course of the war will effect this country's actions. It has a medium sized population. Because it is a theocracy, fighting in the name of God is a good enough reason for many to fight, meaning recruiting is easiest in this country. Also, the religion, Vialism, dicates certain rules that everyone must follow, including special ones for soldiers. Rules include things such as no indulging in alchohal or intercourse during the Sabbath, (Tuesday) mandatory daily pleasure, no assualt or killing of someone younger than 9, and adultery has severe consequences. (Although consentual polygamy is fine.) Because of this, rebels and 'infidels' will be a league Moshu forces must fight, as they have for the past hundreds of years.

Independent: This is a force in which your character starts out at the top. You choose your own goals, be they rebel, criminal, colonization, or so on. Independent forces state which country they would like to start in, or on request, can start in a random, nearby country to the main three.

Personal Specialization
Personal Specialization is what your commander is good at doing. they could be great at unarmed combat, or excellent marksmen, or even great wizards. You may only choose one specialization.

Pride-Master: Your men wouldn't just march to hell and back, they'd throw roses in your path. You are either beloved or feared by your soldiers, who would do anything for you.

Unarmed-Master: If ever caught away from the use of a handy weapon, you yourself could defend against many enemies until help arrived. You are either just good at hitting things, or trained in a martial art.

Gun-Master: You are very adept in the modern use of firearms. You can specialize in either pistols, shotguns, assault-rifles, submachine guns, Rifles, Anti-material Rifles, Launchers, and so forth.

Melee-Master: You are very well to do with melee weapons. You may specialize in either daggers, short blades, swords, heavy-swords, maces, staves, axes, hammers, chain-weapons, etc.

Blaster-Master: You are very good with explosive weapons. You can choose to specialize in Grenades, Mines, EMPs, and so on.

Rig-Master: You are a master at vehicular combat. in addition to squad vehicles, you may have your own personal vehicle depending on what you specialize in. You may specialize in any vehicle listed in the Squad section.

Magic-Master: you are great at Usage of the Arcane Arts, studying the ancient forms of magic still used in modern combat. You may specialize in Defensive Spells, Offensive Spells, Divinatory Spells, Healing Spells, or Summoning Spells.

Personal Weaponry
These are the equipment sets the character may have available at the beginning of play. the player may choose only one set. Each set also includes several misc. items, as well as armor sets. If you specialize in a certain type of melee weapon, you can switch out melee weapons.

On-The-Go: You pack light for multiple purposes involved with any situation you may see. You receive the following: A Pistol, An Assault rifle, one medical kit, a gas-mask, survival knife, and light armor.

Trencher: You pack to stay in one place and hold it until the enemy is gone and you remain. You receive the following: Assault rifle, Shotgun, Entrenchment Shovel, 3 large sand-bags, 3 single use med-kits, and heavy-armor.

Sniper: you scout ahead, and take out heavy targets so the rest don't have to. You receive the following: Sniper Rifle, Anti-Material Rifle, Combat Knife, 3 poison vials, 3 fragmentation mines, Ghillie Suit, and light armor.

Assassin: You may lead your troops well, but you ensure your enemy counterpart cannot do so. You Receive: Sub-machine Gun, Silenced Rifle, medium Armor, combat knife, Garrote, communications jammer, 2 fragmentation grenades, and 3 vials of poison.

Demo-Man: You're ready to Blow!......Up your enemies, that is. You Receive the following: Rocket launcher, 5 Fragmentation Grenades, 10 Land-Mines, Medium Armor, Napalm Launcher

Medicine-Man: You want to take care of both yourself and your troops, making you a very well stocked medic. You receive the following: Sub-Machine Gun, Pistol, Surgery Kit, Extensive Medical Kit, Healing Poultice, and three adrenaline shots.

Zhulu: You pack minimally, but deadly. you are a survivor, and your enemies are not. You receive: Silenced Sub-machine gun, Silenced Pistol, Sword, Trapping-Kit, 5 Fragmentation Mines, Ghillie Suit, and Light Armor.

Infiltrator: You go in and kill. You receive the following: 2 Shot-Guns, Heavy-Armor, 5 Fragmentation Grenades, Door-Opener Explosive, and Mini Battering Ram.

Armchair-Patton: You stay behind mostly, keeping to a nice spot where you can direct your troops from safety. You receive: 2 Pistols, radio-Set-Up, UAV, and 5 Fragmentation Mines.

Squad Options

Squad options are what types of followers you have. You can choose three, either of differing types, or the same types, or any combination. Note that everyone, including non-combat troops, carries around an extra handgun.

Infantry: Infantry are basic troopers that march about following orders. They wear medium Armor, wield Assault rifles, and can perform a diverse amount of duties and tactics. Size: 15

Explosives-Team: Basic Infantry, but trained in explosives. They carry rocket launchers into battle, and can lob grenades effectively, and they wear medium armor. they could act as regular infantry, but are not equipped to do so effectively.
Size: 10

Scouting-Group: These are advanced soldiers, trained to eliminate targets from far off, and be able to perform effective reconnaissance. They are equipped with Sub-machine guns, light armor, and trapping kits. They usually cannot perform regular infantry tactics, but could attempt.
Size: 10

Transporters: Transporters are fairly-large A.P.C, or Armored Personnel Carriers. They focus on transporting troops, provisions, and other important items through-out the field. They have no weapons. They can transport a whole infantry squad, or carry battle-field equipment and larger weaponry or more ammo.
Size: Driver

Assault-Jeeps: Assault Jeeps are light and fast jeeps that are armed with heavy-machine guns. The drivers are skilled at driving into the enemy lines, and brutalizing the enemy troops. They can't carry supplies or many personnel.
Size: Driver and Gunner

Tankers: Tanker is a catch-all term for tank and heavy artillery. Tanker troops consist of one tank each, equipped with heavy-missiles and light-machine gun turrets. Tankers could carry personnel into battle, but they would be cramped and have to come out the backs.
Size: Driver and Gunner

Rocket-Trucks: These trucks are anti-air or bombardment vehicles, with rocket-launchers affixed to the backs of heavily-armored trucks. they can be placed around certain areas to either watch out for air-strikes, or be used to assault heavily defended areas.
Size: Driver + Gunner

Transport-Copters: These helicopters are used to jump personnel and light amounts of supplies over the battle-field. they can be used for retreats, advanced assaults, or resupply runs. The copters have no combat potential, however. they are very vulnerable to attack, and explode upon crash, destroying all that was within. They can carry
Size: Driver + Up to 8

Strikers: Strikers are air-jets that fly over the battle-field, and make bombing runs. they are only equipped with drop-bombs, and cannot defend themselves from other air assaults. They can also perform supply drops onto the battle-field.
Size: Pilot + 2 Crew

Black-Ops: Black ops are uniquely trained soldiers, loyal only to their commander and ruler. They are allowed to break laws, and do whatever it takes to accomplish a mission. Black Ops are powerful Stealth units, hardly ever wasted on front-line combat. they are sent in to do damage or special reconnaissance. It is rare that a Black-Operation fails.
Size: 10
Special Requirement: Armchair-Patton.

Knights: Knights are trained in the old way of honor and dignity of all kinds. But they trained to use modern weaponry. A knight squadron is unique, in that has at least one specialist for each type of combat. they have an assault specialist, an explosives expert, a Magic-user, and a Vehicles Specialist.
They wear Heavy Armor, and can carry any sort of weapon.
Size: 10
Requirement: Pride-Master

Enforcers of Forests Will: The enforcers of the forests will are specially trained elven females that use a combination of stealth, magic, and survival techniques to camp around enemy fortifications and wear them out. They wear light armor, and wield only special magical powers and melee weapons.
Requirement: Elf
size: 10 (No racial modifier.)

Stones: Stones are heavy Dwarven artillery, built for combat underground. They are treaded tanks, with heavy mining drills attached to the front, and heavy assault weapons on the top, plated in heaviest vehicle armor. Humans thought that these were monsters summoned by dwarves to kill all who invade the tunnels. Dwarves use them this way, true. but they also use them to drill upwards into the surface, and launch raids.
Requirement: Dwarf
Size: 2 Drivers, Gunner (No racial modifier)

Sky-Callers: Sky-Folk priests ride giant eagles into battle. These eagles are trained beasts that have sharpest beaks and talons, capable of ripping apart tank armor and other flying vehicles. While they are mostly used for anti-air attacks, the eagles are also used as spies, and occasional drops into enemy territory.
Requirement: Sky-Folk
Size: 10 (No racial modifier)

Swarm: A group of elite Halve units specializing in team orders and tactics. They are very agile, using their swiftness to overpower and swarm units larger then themselves. They carry shotguns, sub-machine guns and melee weapons, and they also have extensive martial arts training.
Requirement: Halve
Size: 10 (No Racial Modification)

Mammoth Riders: Mammoth Riders are Brtual units that ride on large mammoth creatures native to the Brutals land. The mammoths are heavily armored, and usually carry a driver and a machine gunner. Besides mobility, the mammoth is a weapon in itself, possessing huge tusks and powerful legs.
Requirement: Brtual
Size: Driver + Gunner, can carry an additional 5 troops. (No racial modification)

Shinobi: Shinobi are the cream of the crop Shiarn stealth fighters. Like their ancient counter-parts, the Shinobi know a wealth about stealth and guerilla fighting. They posses superhuman agility, able to scale almost any wall and jump very long distances. The Shinobi carry many weapons: Silenced guns, traps, melee-weapons, and several others.
Requirement: Shiarn
Size: 10 (No Racial Modification)

Rules and Important Notes:

1. I am Game Master, giving me final rule and decision on what happens.
2. However, I am willing to listen to anything the players have to say, any suggestions I like may change the game as a whole.
3. No God-Modding, as in controling characters and events outside of your own powers.
4. No flaming between players, complaints should go privatley to me.
5. Have fun!

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Re: Global Siege: Tactical/Squadron Based RPG

Postby Marisa » Fri Nov 11, 2011 5:25 pm UTC

No one? Fine, guess I'll find some other Forums Game section somewhere else...

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Re: Global Siege: Tactical/Squadron Based RPG

Postby Kromix » Fri Nov 11, 2011 7:13 pm UTC

too much time in your hands :/

although i will poke you in the ribs with my index finger... i have a glove with vorpal and sneak attack bonus
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Re: Global Siege: Tactical/Squadron Based RPG

Postby Marisa » Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:22 pm UTC

Kromix wrote:too much time in your hands :/

although i will poke you in the ribs with my index finger... i have a glove with vorpal and sneak attack bonus

Yeah, probably too much time. What kind of RPG would people on this forum like?

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Re: Global Siege: Tactical/Squadron Based RPG

Postby mathgeek17 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:41 pm UTC

I think this sounds interesting, but it seems too complex for a forum.

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Re: Global Siege: Tactical/Squadron Based RPG

Postby Kromix » Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:55 pm UTC

i fell asleep after the 1st wall of text and died at the 2nd one after bleeding in the 3rd...

most of people here seems they visit during work or classes so i would keep it rather ADHD friendly lol
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Re: Global Siege: Tactical/Squadron Based RPG

Postby Marisa » Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:57 pm UTC

Kromix wrote:i fell asleep after the 1st wall of text and died at the 2nd one after bleeding in the 3rd...

most of people here seems they visit during work or classes so i would keep it rather ADHD friendly lol

I figured that out and made a new RPG called Reino. 50 views now, but no replies.

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