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Postby LE4dGOLEM » Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:23 pm UTC

Hey! So you wanna meet up with people from xkcd? That's cool, we've got this board for it here. Great! This forum obviously isn't for trying to sell stuff, it's for people hanging out!

Don't be afraid to post here for a meetup near where you are even if you think nobody else will turn up, you might be pleasantly surprised by someone posting in your thread who was afraid to post :)

If something comes up and you can't make it to a meetup, say in the thread! Although it might feel bad having to tell everyone you can't make it, it's better than people being worried about your having not turned up and having to change plans at the last minute or panicking trying to contact you.

YOUNG MEMBERS! Honestly, it would be a good idea to not go to meet people that you only know over the internet -- we don't - and couldn't - run a background check on members here and it pays to be careful! If you are dead set on going to a meetup, do not go on your own- go with people you already know and are comfortable with and make sure you can leave quickly if you have to.

MINORS! Don't be afraid to mention that you're a minor: It's better to know that the meetup can't be in a drinking establishment beforehand, during the planning stages, than on the day.

Alright! So you've got an idea where you want to meet up? Excellent, put it in the thread title! You've got an idea when you wanna meet up? Excellent, put it in the thread title!
Say for example you wanted to meet up in London sometime towards the end of March next year. A good way to format the thread title would be:
London - Late March 2011
Great! It tells someone looking at the topic title where you want to meet up, and roughly when! However, there are lots of places called London, so it's be super-useful to give a country or state code when you make the title- after all, you wouldn't want to get all excited about a meetup happening in Kentucky only for it to turn out the thread starter meant London, England! So make that clear in the title somehow:
London, OH - Late March 2011
[UK] London - Late March 2011
are both totally acceptable ways to do this. Hooray!

Okay, so you've got the thread title all sorted out, it's time to get on to the main body of the post! Make it informative, useful, and inviting - after all, you want people to both know when and where you want to meet up, and want to turn up! A good example would be something like:
I will be in Toronto on January 9th, would anyone like to meet up for drinks/food? Most of my favourite haunts are around Adelaide & Spadina and anytime after 3pm works for me.

Of course, it's good to make clear exactly how flexible you are- it's better to outright state if you're only going to be somewhere for a single day, rather than just imply it. It's also good to make some kind of indication of when you'll have to head back home, if you have to.


Maybe there is a convention or some event that you're not arranging yourself, but you'll be going to, and you want to see if there will be other people from the forums there too? This is the board you want to post in. The rules are pretty similar to normal meetup threads. What would probably be est is to have the name of the convention/event in the thread title as well as the year, and make sure that in the message body there's a link to more information about the event, Even if it's something everybody's heard of, like SDCC or Dragon*Con. Just like a regular mertup thread, be sure to make clear when you'll be there, for how long, and what sort of stuff you're hoping or planning to get up to. Also mention if you're hoping or planning to do something after the end of the convention, like go out for a meal or go to the park or something.


Threads will be "stickied" (that is, forced to stay at the top of the thread listing, competing only with other "sticky" threads for top space) upon Moderator decision - if you want your thread to be stickied, send a PM to either me, or a Moderator you see online, and we'll make a decision within 24 hours or so. Don't be afraid! We are here to help.

Also, no creepers plzkthx
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