Assassin Problem over the Internet

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Re: Assassin Problem over the Internet

Postby Eebster the Great » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:05 am UTC

jewish_scientist wrote:
gmalivuk wrote:Then people will cheat regardless of the method you use, including in person.

If people realize that someone has cheated, even if they cannot determine who it was, then the game will have to be reset. Since everyone wants to play the game, any form of cheating that is detectable will not happen.

As MostlyHarmless pointed out, if Bob really wants a specific target, he can keep sabotaging the game until he gets it, or at least sabotage it once to improve his odds. If nobody can determine who the cheater was, there is no way around this except to say that if the game doesn't work the first time, it won't happen at all.

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