What are 10 future out of the box technologies/inventions

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What are 10 future out of the box technologies/inventions

Postby Maximum7 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:04 am UTC

What are 10 future inventions or technologies that you can think of that are creative and out of the box- not just generic and cliché ones like "Jetpack" and "Flying car".

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Re: What are 10 future out of the box technologies/inventions

Postby p1t1o » Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:53 am UTC

Take your pick out of all the sci-fi books.

Head up display on a contact lens.
Technological memory enhancement.
Drug that instantly and completely removes all effects of alcohol.
Mobile phone in a tooth.
Spray on skin (wound treatment)
Artificial blood.
Grow-your-own organs.
Massively distributed surveillance.
AI caretaker.
Space tourism.

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Re: What are 10 future out of the box technologies/inventions

Postby andykhang » Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:33 pm UTC

TBH, if you're asked that, I can't think of any other invention beside sex toys...Though they're surprisingly the pioneer when it come to new tech, so here goes:

1. Touch-me sex aid that bring osgasm with a touch.

2. Sensory-depravation, virtual reality tank for sexual depravity.

3. Sex change pill, will changed your gender within days (minutes for a quickie)

4. Brain-to-Brain Mind Sex.

5. Gential Adapter for Bestality.

6. Transmorphoism chamber, for furry.

7. Grow-a-Tentacles.

8. AI prositute (a Classic)

9. Insta-loli/shota beam (Named Legal Youth(TM))

10. Safe sex nanobot. (Depend on your imagination)

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Re: What are 10 future out of the box technologies/inventions

Postby LaserGuy » Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:04 pm UTC

On transhumanism...

1. Memory augmentation: Having something like a USB port on your body that would allow you to download data directly into your brain. Or, more likely, some sort of internal WiFi receiver that would allow you to download information anywhere or connect to anything.
2. Prosthetic everything: Modifications to your eyes to improve vision, see other parts of the spectrum, etc. Modifications to arms to make you stronger. Modification to various internal organs to make them more efficient/resilient, with the corresponding massive enhancement to life expectancy.
3. Malicious uses for all of the above, ranging from malware to cyber warfare.
4. Alternative energy source for humans... plug into an electrical outlet for the night instead of eating.

Various technologies dealing with catastrophic climate change ranging from...

5. High-yield solar or photosynthetic renewable energy.
6. Genetically engineered organisms to soak up excess carbon.
7. Undersea mining or reclamation technology to salvage resources from areas flooded out by sea level rises
8. Ocean platform colonies
9. Massive desalination operations to create new freshwater


10. Nuclear transmutation reactors to produce rare elements.
11. Effective hormonal contraceptives for men. Crazy world!

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