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Was the precession of the equinoxes faster during the last ice age?

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:39 pm UTC
by Sandor gives a way of constructing statements about calendars and time, most of which are bogus. However posits a couple of true statements that can be constructed, one of which is:

ExplainXKCD wrote:Did you know that the spring equinox drifts out of sync with the zodiac because of the precession of the Earth's axis? Apparently it was even more extreme during the Ice Age.

Was the precession of the equinoxes more extreme (which I take to mean faster) during the (last) ice age?

I think Earth may have been less oblate with all the ice on the poles, which might have made precession slightly slower. But it would have been spinning quicker, which might have made it more oblate and precess faster.

Also, can anyone come up with any more true, complete statements from this comic?