Opinions/problems on a "force field"

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Re: Opinions/problems on a "force field"

Postby 0SpinBoson » Fri Jun 27, 2008 8:52 am UTC

RAPTORATTACK!!! wrote:well the magnet would work on all matter right? everything conducts to some extent.

Incorrect. Insulators, in general, have rather large bandgaps. The most you could do is induce local dipoles. I still think a piece of rock would blow right through everything electric/magnetic.

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Re: Opinions/problems on a "force field"

Postby Starside » Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:45 am UTC

How about a superconducting toroid that runs at very high frequency and induces massive electric fields around its perimeter. This will only work for one direction of attack. Lets say the projectile is coming at the side of the toroid (from the projectile's perspective it would look flat. The electric field would polarize the incoming object, and when the current was at it's peak there would be a powerful magnetic field. This magnetic field would not deflect objects on its own, unless the projectile had uneven charge densities from the polarization. For projectiles like spheres you would need a second powerful electromagnet, probably running dc to deflect. The field from this magnet would have to be asymmetrical to produce net forces. All in all it sounds like a ton of energy. And of course someone would come up with projectile shapes and materials that would defeat it. Neutron beams would be nasty, as well as lasers and lots of other crap.

My money would go to investing in regenerative/adaptive armor plating if I was building a ship.

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