Help needed, looking for a flatshare in Germany

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Help needed, looking for a flatshare in Germany

Postby alessandro95 » Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:58 pm UTC

Hi, I'm an italian student planning to move to Germany for the university, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding a flatshare in Darmstadt (where I plan to study).
I tried various websites (, and so on) but never received a single answer to my emails. A german friend of mine is trying to help, but every time she calls they tell her to write an email, to which they don't answer or that they'll call back later, but of course they don't.
I also started considering flatshares in Frankfurt since it's near enough to Darmstadt, hoping that it'll be easier to find one in a bigger city, but apparently that wasn't a great idea either...
any advice? I'm a bit at a loss on what am I supposed to do, I know it's harder to find a flatshare since I don't speak german, but it's kind of discouraging seeing that nobody even bothered to answer an email
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Re: Help needed, looking for a flatshare in Germany

Postby mjmitche » Tue Jul 22, 2014 2:19 am UTC

It's a lot easier to find one if you just show up. I've done something similar in that area of Germany. Plan on spending a couple days in a hostel and visiting a few apartments each day.

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Re: Help needed, looking for a flatshare in Germany

Postby Artemisia » Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:14 pm UTC

try checking airbnb - I have found student accommodation through there as well (the girl who owned the room was out of town for a month). may be useful too, though I have heard it has become a little sleazy lately, so make sure you're safe.
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Re: Help needed, looking for a flatshare in Germany

Postby Apparently Anonymous » Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:55 pm UTC

How many e-mails did you send, and what did you write in those e-mails? I've had to find a flatshare in Austria 5 times already, so I have a little bit of experience in this. Generally, people get A BUNCHLOAD of e-mails when they have a free room, so be prepared to send a lot of them. Just write one base e-mail and change it a little bit to adapt it to each flat to save yourself some time. Write an eye-catchting and/or descriptive subject line (not just "Regarding free room" or something generic like that), since they probably won't read all of them. In the e-mail, describe yourself - not just your age and what you do, but something that gives them some idea of who you are (a little bit about your interests and personality, maybe add a photo or link to a profile in which you have a photo?).

And yeah, finding a flat from outside of the country is extremely difficult, so the best idea is probably to not send any e-mails until right before you're going there (the week before at the earliest). If you want to avoid spending money on hostels while you're searching, I recommend couchsurfing (will also help you get to know people and the city).

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