Possible endings for Harry Potter 7

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Postby myoumyouou » Wed Jan 10, 2007 12:23 pm UTC

Twasbrillig wrote:or maybe ron/ginny/hermione is a horcrux.

...and then it's all like, "boom headshot, bitch".

oh beautiful, and that totally goes with the zombie thing,
turns out, that dudly is a zombie hunter, and has awesome catchprhases like "boom headshot" etc.
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Postby Fuller » Wed Jan 10, 2007 3:26 pm UTC

Harry and Hermione have got to get it on....


There's proof and everything!!!

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Postby Grincement » Wed Jan 10, 2007 8:09 pm UTC

Ron and Hermione for sure!! Why else do they argue so much? It's sexual tension...DUH!
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Postby Blayze » Wed Jan 10, 2007 8:15 pm UTC

It will be just like the sixth book, a pathetic mish-mash of rubbish that makes me believe that Rowling takes cues from Fanfiction.net... or worse, her own fandom in general.

In other words:-

'Ah, Harry. So glad you could make it.'


'Yes, son, it is I. You see, <A pathetic attempt at logical explanation goes here>, and that is how I was able to <Laughable explanation of some events ripped from the previous books, but from another angle that attempts to make the reader go 'Oh, yeah, that makes SENSE now!'>. Join me, and together we can rule the Internet, as the ultimate slash couple.'

'Sorry, Dad, but that spot's already taken.'

'What? Who would dare?'

'Well, Snape and Lupin, for one. Then there's Snape and myself, then there's you and the other Marauders, then there's myself and you as Voldemort, of course...'

'Bah! Your words ring true. Rowling! Prepare... ANOTHER SEQUEL!'

'Aye-aye, sir! Harry Potter And The Expensive Divorce Settlement coming right up!'
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Postby Wikey » Thu Jan 11, 2007 12:27 am UTC

If we have faith in Rowling's ability to put out a decent book, the following can not be true:

1. Harry is a horcrux
2. Snape is still a good guy
3. Dumbeldore is still alive
4. Anyone Harry knows is a horcrux

1+4: These can't be true because we know (well, we can reasonably assume) that in the 4th book, Voldemort was trying to use the muder of Harry to split his soul for the final time. To make a horcrux, one has to murder somebody, to split their own soul so they can hide half in an object. That is what he was trying to do, use Harry's murder to make the horcrux, not trying to use Harry as a horcrux, that would be stupid as he tried to get Dumbeldore to kill Harry in book five. Also, Snape can control Nagini (his snake, however you spell it) because she is a horcrux. Thus if anyone Harry knew was a horcrux there would have been noticable effects from that already. Not to mention Voldemort not ever being too close to them.

2+3: Not happening. 3 is completely impossible. If Snape hadn't killed Dumbeldore then Snape himself would have died due to the unbreakable vow or whatever. 2 would just be stupid. A huge part of the last two books was that Dumbeldore's greatest weakness was that he was too trusting. Greek tragedy! A hero is always killed because he has one fatal character flaw. Dumbeldore is dead because Snape actually is bad.

Twasbrillig wrote:Dude guy. In all seriousnessosity, these are the horcruxes (in my opinion):

1. The Diary

2. The Ring (TO RULE THEM ALL)

3. Slytherin's Locket (already destroyed by REGULUS ANDROMEDA [yes. twist!] BLACK. He's now posing as a death eater, a new one, using some sort of polyjuice potion/spell or whatever, a REALLY powerful one. The locket could also be at 12 Grimmauld Place... they mentioned a locket nobody could open.)

4. Hufflepuff's dealie

5. Ravenclaw's dealie (not discovered yet)

6. Either Nagini or Fawkes (Zomg plot twist! How the frizzle do you kill Fawkes?! Also, Fawkes flew away so now what!?)

7. Voldemort himself

We have a winner. There are six horcruxes, which split Voldemort's soul into seven pieces, since he had to keep a part in his body. I'm pretty sure Dumbeldore said that he was pretty sure that Nagini was one in the sixth book. That leaves the thing belonging to Hufflepuff and the thing belonging to Ravenclaw, and the locket, which is probably the locket in Grimmauld place as they painted the Black family as being half-Death Eater and half-good guys.

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Postby Eschatokyrios » Thu Jan 11, 2007 5:50 am UTC

Voldemort and Harry Potter descend into the Lifestream, where they have an epic battle of wills until Harry finally prevails, suddenly gains Omnislash and uses it on Voldemort to finally send his soul back to the Lifestream for good. There will be rumors about a secret passage in the book that, when decoded, reveals that Dumbledore did not die after all, but that will obviously be bullshit.
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Postby Twasbrillig » Thu Jan 11, 2007 6:08 am UTC

Wikey wrote:...

Yay! Someone finally recognized my idea!
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Re: Possible endings for Harry Potter 7

Postby khayber » Thu Jan 11, 2007 2:39 pm UTC

SpitValve wrote:1. Harry & Ron explore the deepest basement of Hogwarts... sticking out of the sand, they discover the head of the Statue of Liberty.



3. Harry has split personality disorder. It turns out HARRY AND RON ARE THE SAME PERSON!

4. Harry was a ghost all along.

5. Voldemort reveals he is Harry's father

6. Harry discovers he is Darth Revan

Any others?

7. Harry tricks Voldemort into saying his name backwards...

8. Harry and Ron accidentally turn off the power to the Raptor cages...

9. Voldemort surprises Harry with a spell. Then proceeds to gloat at length about what he is going to do to Harry and all his friends. Harry interrupts with "Shut up! You had me at Expelliarmus!"

10. Harry and Voldemort walk off into the mist. Harry says "You know, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship."

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