Colours and associations - a questionnaire

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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby Sasha » Wed Oct 15, 2008 11:39 pm UTC

black - gloom, night
white - card, empty
grey - Balmy
lavender - herb, spaghetti, deep
blue - tranquility, cheese
green - cheese, out of doors
yellow - moon, cheese
orange - flame, cheese
red - burn marks, numa numa
pink - grapefruit.
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby Rinsaikeru » Wed Oct 15, 2008 11:50 pm UTC

black - slimming (:P), shadowy, spooky
white -soft, institutional, peace
grey - feathery, cinderblock, regimental
lavender - my grandmother
blue - calm, water
green - earthy, tranquility
yellow - energetic
orange - hot
red - aggressive, assertive, bold
pink - tongues! worms...
brown - warm, solid,
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Some of mine might not be what you're looking for--but I tried to give my first impression--which in the case of pink is very image based apparently.
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby cerbie » Thu Oct 16, 2008 7:27 am UTC

Black - chaos; peace; any good that can not be communicated by language; where I want my mind to be
White - *shrug* not my favorite
Gray - natural Hard Anodized aluminum just looks damn cool; government buildings; boring qualities
Lavender - not quite violet, but it's OK; I hate the flower (well, my lungs do); soothing
Blue - calm (lighter blues); power (deeper blues); justice
Green - plants; rich--as in developed
Yellow - volatile; growing; fleeting
Orange - road work; visible and hiding something
Red - forceful; not fitting in its surroundings
Pink - calm; motherly; undying
Brown - desolate; stable; welcoming

P.S. (as in I didn't read through the thread and do this until after I made my above response and posted it, but it seemed silly to add another reply)
Insignificant Deifaction wrote:
black - leather, sarcasm, morbidity
white - bigoted self-righteousness, paper
grey - computers, the fora
lavender - amethyst, flowers of the same name
blue - home, busy
green - vine trellises, falling
yellow - age, youth
orange - psychology, food
red - blood, hats
pink - people, bubble-gum, sex
brown - wood, material possessions
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There you go!
I <3 your responses
SecondTalon wrote:I assumed that's what was being tested - the association to the word of the color, not the color itself.
That would change responses, I imagine. I've always had great difficulty with verbal association. Naturally, I went with the colors.
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby Insignificant Deifaction » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:29 am UTC

@cerbie: Thanks :)

Now if you saw my justifications :lol:
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby eternal luna » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:47 am UTC

black - depression, night, excitement
white - Apple, Desdemona, clarity
grey - cold, alone, fugitive
lavender - twitch, attempt at calming
blue - sea, peace, rolling
green - energy, persistance
yellow - flowers, Latin
orange - radiant, dazzle
red - anxiety, blood
pink - sweet, sugar, youth
brown - warm, musky, comfort
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby suffer-cait » Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:18 pm UTC

black - cat
white - horse
grey - hound
lavender - padma patil
blue - russell (friend whose fave color is blue)
green - everything
yellow - school bus
orange - apples
red - blood
pink - heart
brown - bark, poop
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby LL Cool J » Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:29 pm UTC

black - Darkness. Liquid. Cool temperature. Dramatic.
white - Bright, burning. Clean. Intimidating.
grey - Soft, neutral. Basic. Calm.
lavender - Too much perfume. Awkwardness.
blue - The ocean. Beads. Friends.
green - Books. Health. Driving with the car windows down.
yellow - Clean, warm, cheery. Flowers. Maybe major chords.
orange - is complicated. Nightmares. Dusk. Loudness, insecurity.
red - Drama, anger, pleasure. Danger.
pink - Skin. Children. Pets.
brown - The smell of nice soil or compost. Digging my toes into mud or soil. Afternoons. Heat.
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby la_negra » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:06 pm UTC

black - night, mystery,
white - innocence, purity, snow
grey - neutrality, power, storm/rain
lavender - the smell, Provence
blue - sky, freedom, beautiful morning
green - nature, forest, spring
yellow - sun, energy
orange - fire, the fruit, summer
red - passion, blood, agression
pink - girls, children
brown - wood, nature, paganism
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby Cheese » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:16 pm UTC

black - dark, mysterious
white - magic, helping, good
grey - mist, trap, hiding
lavender - smell, purple
blue - ocean, space
green - life, freedom
yellow - bright, warm, welcoming
orange - exciting, happy, extrovert
red - blood, love, blush
pink - pale, weak, confident
brown - earth, dull, complex
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Hmm... some conflicting results within a few of those groups... :/
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby Decker » Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:41 pm UTC

tiny wrote:A friend of mine is doing some research about colours and what people tend to associate with them. There were some surprising results in our own forum, and now she needs a control group to see who's a bit off, we or her expectations.
She didn't say what she's doing the research for, but I think I can safely assume that it has more to do with a new art project than with World Dominance. I will give her the raw data without mentioning any usernames, so it'll be all nice and anonymous.

If it's not too much trouble, could you get the results from your friend when they become available? I'm kind of interested now.
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby Hoshi no Kabii » Fri Oct 17, 2008 2:23 am UTC

black - truth
white - redemption
grey - depression
lavender - calm, relaxed, confidant
blue - fresh
green - nature, corruption
yellow - buildings, art, observation
orange - glee, happiness
red - loud, obnoxious, immature
pink - beauty, adventure
brown - smooth, round
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby fyrenwater » Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:04 pm UTC

Black and white are too colors! Science shouldn't kill our creativity. *pout*

black - night, mysterious, deep
white - death, soul; pure
grey - neutral, balanced
lavender - gentle, maternal
blue - calming, expansive (ocean, sky, etc.)
green - natural, lush
yellow - energetic, happy
orange - eccentric, different; warning (from signs, traffic cones, and such)
red - passionate (both love-passionate and anger-passionate)
pink - child-like, young, innocent/pure
brown - solid, dependable; earthy
Country of residence - United States, first-gen Chinese (hence my white = death connotation)

Also, got my friend to do this.

black - nighttime
white - sun, field (he won't say why :?)
grey - moon, mist, bland
lavender - soft, good-smelling
blue - water, boundless
green - grass, food
yellow - bright
orange - the fruit
red - harsh, raw, life
pink - cute
brown - earth, dirt
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby Sir_Elderberry » Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:46 pm UTC

black - Darkness. The unknown.
white - Purity. Glory (blinding light)
grey - Ambiguity. Blankness.
lavender - Flowers. Good smell.
blue - Skies. Happiness.
green - Growth.
yellow - Flowers again. Springtime.
orange - Fire. The sun.
red - Heat, anger.
pink - Eccentricity
brown - Muck.
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby Mat » Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:50 am UTC

Here are the first few things that popped in my head for each one. Probably not representative of normal people thought patterns.
black - death, gothyness, space
white - fridges, washing machines, uh... white clothes
grey - dull, clouds
lavender - flowers, smell
blue - water, sky, liquid, copper sulphate?
green - grass, mould, monsters
yellow - sunflowers, butter, bees, caution
orange - fire, fruit
red - danger, blood, angry
pink - valentines day, chihuahuas, candyfloss
brown - dirty, shoes, wood
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby Beacons! » Sat Oct 18, 2008 12:46 pm UTC

black - Leather, Metal, Clothing
white - Pure, Shiny, Angel
grey - Boring, Clouds, Horse
lavender - Allergic, Unknown, Wavy
blue - Sea, Internet, Shells
green - Leaves, Trees, Plants
yellow - Shirts, Sun, Sunflower
orange - Aeroplanes, Mobile Phones, Oranges
red - Blood, Power, Nazism
pink - Warcraft 3, Parties, T-Shirts
brown - Dung, Sweets, Mould
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby AngrySquirrel » Sat Oct 18, 2008 2:33 pm UTC

black - Strength, power, precision
white - Boredom, dull
grey - sad, magic
lavender - movies from the 80ies
blue - cold, calm
green - living
yellow - sharp
orange - sick
red - death
pink - silly
brown - rooted
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby Middle Child » Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:42 am UTC

black - Charcoal ink death
white - chocolate (yum) soap doves
grey - depression
lavender - roses scents pokemon
blue - heaven lobsters berries
green - plants algae leprechaun
yellow - sun skittles (I don't think there even are yellow skittles but hey, word association) rubiks cubes
orange - carrots oranges yams (I'm hungry)
red - fire apple lipstick
pink - girl bubblegum candy
brown - poooooooooooooooooooooooop.
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I'm excited to look at other people's :P

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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby lorenith » Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:45 am UTC

black - dark
white - light
grey - inbetween
lavender - blueish
blue - water
green - tree
yellow - light
orange - orange (the fruit)
red -flower
pink - flower
brown -dirt
Country of residence - USA

Yeah, I know some of those are weird... sorry there's only one response per, but if I think any harder they wouldn't be very good spontaneous associations cause my mind kind of very easily starts to run wild with word associations, and starts associating stuff with the last word I thought of rather than the first.

I was going to get my guy to do it, but it seems to instead be making him crazy. :P

Edit: Oh, he managed to not go crazy.

black - sleek
white - merge
grey - fog
lavender - flower
blue - sky
green - spring
yellow - bright
orange - spring rocks
red - one, primary
pink - elephant
brown - mud

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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby darthchazza » Mon Oct 20, 2008 6:12 am UTC

black - sullen sad
white - blank boring
grey - morbid metal
lavender - flower old ladies
blue - lake sky
green - grass sheep
yellow - sunny sand
orange - fan fire
red - fireman sunburn
pink - sister sunset
brown - dirt desk
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby anouk » Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:11 am UTC

black - smooth, silky
white -dove, purity, fresh
grey -cold, ice
lavender -lavender(the flower), other flowers, the smell
blue - sky, water
green -grass, natural
yellow - (nothing came into mind without me having to try hard)
orange - energy, oranges
red -blood, ribbon
pink -hearts
brown -dirt, poo
Country of residence - australia

no cheating anyone :P
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby demonhats » Tue Oct 21, 2008 3:03 am UTC

black - tea, sound, darkness
white - snow, clean, boring
grey - dull, normal, terrible
lavender - power, livelihood, calling
blue - sky, day, happiness
green - love, passion, spontaneity
yellow - sickness, age, death
orange - cheap, temporary, fake
red - rich, full, vice
pink - lust, hugs, bubble gum
brown - hair, trees, home
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby BiCoastal Kid » Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:58 pm UTC

black - night, white
white - paper, light
grey - album, gloom
lavender - oil, massage
blue - eyes, sky
green - grass, eco-friendly
yellow - flowers, light
orange - juice, peel
red - car, apple
pink - cute, glasses
brown - leather, water
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby hestia » Tue Oct 21, 2008 8:44 pm UTC

black - dark, cold, sad
white - holy, clean, empty
grey - fuzzy, mist
lavender - sweet, cool
blue - cold, damp, beautiful
green - humid, mossy
yellow - bright, vivid
orange - ostentatious, bright
red - extreme, sexy
pink - cute, girly, young
brown - earthy, motherly
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby tiny » Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:38 pm UTC

Decker wrote:If it's not too much trouble, could you get the results from your friend when they become available? I'm kind of interested now.
Sure, I'll post the resluts here :-)

And thanks to those who participated after my first thank you post :-)
My friend was kind of flabbergasted when I told her about the 30+ (now 50+) replies her questionnaire got. You're really helping out a lot!
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby RetSpline » Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:08 am UTC

tiny wrote:resluts

Freudian Slip? :P

For a long time, I've associated most colors with numbers. I don't really know why.
black - 4
white - 7
grey - 11
lavender - 11 (also)
blue - 9
green - 3
yellow - 5
orange - 1
red - 2
pink - 6
brown - 8
Country of residence - USA

I don't know where 10 went...

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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby 4=5 » Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:06 pm UTC

black - filligree
white -smooth change
grey -cloud visuals
lavender - dried lavender in a cup
blue - sky
green - the jungle, aka my garden
yellow - solid, bright (we use neon yellow for the robot bumpers)
orange - the feel of the surface of an orange
red - edible, inside of my mouth
pink - the shirt
brown - relaxed
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Re: Colours and associations - a questionnaire

Postby incompetentia » Wed Oct 22, 2008 6:44 pm UTC

Is this study at all related to synesthesia?
(As a sound-color and color-grapheme synesthete, several of the colors can bring to mind specific music as well as the typical associations...)
It's interesting stuff if that's what it is. Anyway...
Done as spontaneous-word-association-ly as possible. Some of these don't make sense.
black - suitcase
white - cheesecake
grey - Harry Potter
lavender - allergies
blue - trains
green - leaves
yellow - eggs
orange - hats
red - plumbing
pink - transportation
brown - moose
Country of residence - USA

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