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Postby Shoofle » Thu Oct 12, 2006 10:46 am UTC

My music experience is (almost) entirely limited to music I have heard a) in the living room, playing Guitar Hero and b) in the various other rooms in the house, being played by family members.

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Postby Verysillyman » Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:09 pm UTC

Saladin wrote:
I'm so damn sick of New Zealand hip-hop! I don't like hip-hop anyway, but...

Please don't judge New Zealand hip hop by Scribe, Fast Crew, Tyree, and whatever else you see in the Top 40 countdown or hear on ZM.

May I recommend looking into nearly all the artists on local label Breakin Wreckwordz. Tourettes' album "The Misadventures of Johnny Favourite" is spectacular, my favourite NZ album of all time, very sinister, cynical, and poetic. Terrific album.

Also, Breakin Wreck CEO Cyphanetik has just released his debut album "Commercial Suicide". I implore you to buy it. ;)

If nothing else, check out Tourettes. Very different to other hiphop.


I'll have a listen perhaps, but i really don't much like hip-hop :P Although you do have a point in that i am basing my opinion on c4 and radio. (As a mater of personal pride, i don't listen to ZM since i was about 9. Occasionally I'm exposed to the Edge, since i have a 15 year old brother. Personal preference is the mighty mighty RDU! Kill your television.)

Edit: For the first time ever, i'm actually editting my last post rather than just posting another afterwards.

Guttermouth I think are very cool. BUT only on the album 'Gusto', the other one is crap.
Arctyic Monkeys anyone? I heard them on RDU ages ago, and noted that I wanted that song, but then forgot about it after failed attempts to find a download for it. Then I bought the album, just cos i liked the looks of it, and hey presto! it was full* of songs i already liked, even though i thought i'd never heard them before.

*maybe two of them?

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Postby Gelsamel » Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:23 pm UTC

I love Metal!

Especially orchestral or operatic metal!


Tarja <3

Dream Theater:

Arch Enemy:

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Postby FFF8E7 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 8:11 pm UTC

If you like ska, you can't go wrong with Streetlight Manifesto. If you don't know if you like ska... listen to something by them anyway. They are full of awesome. Catch 22 is also pretty good, but not as good, in my opinion.

Most of what I would suggest has already been said. I'd recommend the Mathletes, though I haven't heard too many of their (er... his?) songs yet. They're pretty good and often rather silly. Oh, and if you're open to classical-type stuff (and don't already listen to these...) I'd recommend Carmen. A lot of people don't like opera, I guess, but Carmen is simply amazing. I've found that, often, even people who don't like opera like some songs from Carmen. Also: Holst is pretty cool. As is the Carmina Burana. And Mozart and Bach and such could go without saying, though I guess I'm saying it anyway. I like Wagner, too, but some people might find him a little too... intense. Or something. Offenbach is also good, if slightly more obscure than most of these other guys. Um. That's about it from me. I should look into other people's recommendations, as I clearly need to find more good music.

Edit: Tenki! I haven't heard much by them, but what I have heard I've liked a lot.

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Postby fjafjan » Thu Oct 12, 2006 10:32 pm UTC

FFF8E7 wrote:.....I I like Wagner, too, but...

I know it isn't ENTIRELY relevant but ...
what do the kids like to play?

I find it amusing, oh well....
//Yepp, THE fjafjan (who's THE fjafjan?)
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Postby Verysillyman » Fri Oct 13, 2006 1:21 am UTC

Five Iron Frenzy!

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Postby ikefalcon » Sat Oct 14, 2006 3:12 am UTC

I don't listen to new music. The Rolling Stones made and continue to make the best music man will ever hear. The Beatles and Steve Miller were pretty good too.

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Postby Kas » Sat Oct 14, 2006 3:31 am UTC

Wow, more underground hiphop fans than I expected.

Add me to the club, gentlemen.
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Postby Air Gear » Sat Oct 14, 2006 9:47 am UTC

I haven't been listening to much lately...don't know why, but finding new music just hasn't been happening. Some things that are on the playlists, though:

J-rock (this one's the growing one lately, come to think)
Certain late '90s albums like before Incubus, Glassjaw, and the Lostprophets learned to suck...
20th-century classical; why has nobody else heard Alois Haba, namely his microtonal works?!, screw talking about other specific composers/pieces.

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Postby wingus » Sat Oct 14, 2006 11:40 am UTC

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Postby Epoch » Mon Oct 16, 2006 3:41 pm UTC

wingus wrote:
Saladin wrote:I'll probably be the odd one out here; unless there's any other h@rdc0r3 underground hiphop fans hiding in here somewhere.

That would be me.
MF DOOM, Sage Francis, Grayskul, Cannibal Ox, KRS-One, Organized Konfusion, the list goes on.

Oh and how could I forget Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Brother Ali and Count Bass D?

how could I have forgotten MF DOOM?

I was just listening to Madvillainy the other day!
the mind is an infinite desert in which we may wander, make piles, or dig holes.

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Postby nerd65536 » Mon Oct 16, 2006 7:31 pm UTC

I vote for Jonathon Coulton.
With songs like "Mandelbrot Set" a song about our favorite fractal, and "Skullcrusher Mountain" about a mad scientist and his captive love interest, you can't go wrong.

Plus, most of his songs are Creative Commons.
Plus, if you look at the source code of the first page I linked, you can leech all his songs for free. (please only leech the Creative Commons ones.)


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Postby aran » Mon Oct 16, 2006 9:04 pm UTC

It seems my musical taste is disjoint with most of yours.

Here are the bands and albums that I'm digging currently, in no particular order:
    Genesis (Foxtrot, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Selling England By The Pound)
    ELP (Trilogy, Tarkus, Brain Salad Surgery)
    Gentle Giant (Acquiring the Taste, Octapus, In A Glass House, The Power and the Glory, Three Friends)
    King Crimson (In The Court of the Crimson King, Islands, Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Red, Discipline, Thrak, The Power to Believe)
    Yes (Fragile, Time and a Word)
    Pure Reason Revolution (The Dark Third)
    IQ (Dark Matter, The Seventh House)
    Spiral Architect (A Sceptic's Universe)
    BT (This Binary Universe)
    65daysofstatic (The Fall of Math)
    Dave Matthews Band (Under the Table and Dreaming, Before these Crowded Streets, Crash)
    Jethro Tull (A Passion Play)
    Magma (Mekanik Detruktiw Kommandoh, Kobaia, Udu Wudu, Attahk)
    Mastodon (Blood Mountain)
    Minus the Bear (Highly Refined Pirates, Menus el Oso)
    Natsumen (Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX)
    Oceansize (Efflourescence)
    Camel (The Snow Goose, Moonmadness)
    Van Der Graaf Generator (A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers, Godbluff, The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other)

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Postby Ephphatha » Tue Oct 17, 2006 2:07 am UTC

I'm in the running for the strangest taste in music award.

The Cat Empire
Mr Scruff (Noticing a theme?)
The Herd
Hilltop Hoods
Tokyo Ska Parade
Reel Big Fish

I'll spare you from the really obscure stuff I listen to.
I'm not lazy, I'm just getting in early for Christmas is all...

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Postby Hawknc » Tue Oct 17, 2006 9:11 am UTC

I'd just like to say that you have incredibly awesome taste in music. Aussies FTW.

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Postby xooll » Fri Oct 20, 2006 5:34 am UTC

Metal, mostly...

Shape of Despair

Then a rather mixed selection of not-metal...

Death in June
Pink Floyd
Sol Invictus
Dropkick Murphys

[shameless plug] oh and also you should all listen to my music. [/shameless plug]
So, I got tired of the fact that the appearance of my band name in my signature made my posts on this forum the dominant result when googling for my music. Anyway, if you think I might happen to be a good musician, you can test this theory here.

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Postby hermaj » Fri Oct 20, 2006 7:59 am UTC

xooll wrote:...Dropkick Murphys...

Hehe. My ex-boyfriend used to get really drunk and run around yelling the lyrics to "Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced". Or trying to, anyway.

I don't have an umbrella for what I listen to...

The Verve
The Flaming Lips
Little Birdy
Dallas Crane
The Living End
Foo Fighters

...and then a hell of a lot of alternative/rock/Australian compilation albums.

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Postby Epoch » Fri Oct 20, 2006 3:46 pm UTC

oooh...I just remembered this one.

"Fields of the Nephilim"
the mind is an infinite desert in which we may wander, make piles, or dig holes.

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Postby reva » Fri Oct 20, 2006 7:52 pm UTC

Wow, so many various good bands/artists mentioned :) Yay for fellow Sage Francis and Ted Leo fans!

Other musical recommendations from me

Indie Rock sorta stuff:
The Dismemberment Plan (broke up a while ago, but still awesome)
Elliott Smith
The Format
Belle and Sebastian

Hip Hop stuff:
The Streets
Lost Prophets
Gruvis Malt
MC Paul Barman
MC Chris

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Postby Peshmerga » Fri Oct 20, 2006 8:07 pm UTC

Perhaps it's just me, but Johnny Cash's songs are all wonderful.

In descending order. Emphasis on bolds.

Ben Folds Five
Chopin (Classical)
Coolio (Gangsta's Paradise)
Damien Rice (Specifically Cheers Darlin')
Franz Ferdinand
Geto Boys (Damn it feels good to be a gangster)
Hot Hot Heat
Iron and Wine
Johnny Cash
Lil Troy (To satisfy more gangster hip)
Meatloaf (For your 80s pleasure)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Smashing Pumpkins
The Album Leaf
The Coral
Tom Petty (If you're into great country)
i hurd u liek mudkips???

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Postby Verysillyman » Sat Oct 21, 2006 1:03 am UTC

yay CAKE!

alos, I like oasis.

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Postby lirilia » Sat Oct 21, 2006 2:32 am UTC

Cake was the very first concert I ever went to. And I enjoyed it greatly.

And I love the Coral, and jack johnson, and damien rice, and i'm really starting to like the fray and snow patrol.

I guess I have pretty tame music tastes...

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Postby Jesse » Sat Oct 21, 2006 7:44 am UTC

I recently got the Cash Unearthed box set. It is the best use of my money ever.

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Postby hermaj » Sat Oct 21, 2006 7:52 am UTC

Big ticks next to Cake, Hot Hot Heat and Ben Folds Five!!

Oh, and Jack Johnson. I didn't see that earlier.

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Postby improbable » Sun Oct 22, 2006 7:18 am UTC

I listen to a lot of crazy stuff, but here's the bands I could listen to forever:

The Aquabats (their live show is a-mazing)
The Phenomenauts (SF Bay Area band - sci-fi rock'n'roll forever!)
Incubus (Make Yourself and Morning View)
Green Day (Dookie)
They Might Be Giants (hells yeah)
Suburban Legends
The White Stripes

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Postby Vachel » Sun Oct 22, 2006 10:38 am UTC

More songs to add to the list:

John Lee Hooker
Little Walter
Howlin' Wolf
Muddy Waters
Bo Diddley
Dean Martin
Frank Sinatra
Miles Davis
Tool, in ridiculously large quantities
Cab Calloway
Ray Charles
Pluto - kiwis take note, you should *all* buy pipelineundertheocean :P
Jose Gonzalez
John Butler Trio
Al Green
The Temptations
Jackson 5
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Jeff Buckley
Simon & Garfunkel
Thievery Corporation
The Insane Luchadors
Disco Biscuits
Sound Tribe Sector 9

Man that's kinda eclectic now that I look at it.

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