Youtube Feature Ideas

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Youtube Feature Ideas

Postby darkspork » Wed May 20, 2009 10:26 pm UTC

OK. I have no idea where to post this, but...

XKCD has already spawned one Youtube feature: the "Audio Preview" button. Today, I realized another useful feature: Comment FAQ. Perhaps some sort of algorithm can find a question that has been posted in the comments section FOUR HUNDRED TIMES ALREADY and display a box containing the question and answer, to prevent this:

-what song is that playing?
-that's awesome
-what a way to die
-can sum1 tell me plz the name of the song in the backround?
-is this real?
-what an idiot!
-what song is playing on the radio?
-what song is that?
--Radar Love by Golden Earring
-Where do people get these dumbass ideas?
-LOL dint he relize that rokets r dangerus?
--Radar Love

I occasionally leave replies to these morons like "Can you please stop posting the same question OVER AND OVER AGAIN and just scroll down half a page where your question was answered?" This results in them replying with anger and stupidity.

Does anyone have any other ideas?
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Re: Youtube Feature Ideas

Postby the tree » Wed May 20, 2009 10:41 pm UTC

Here's the thing. No matter what you put in the sidebar, someone wont read it. No matter how big and red and flashy you make an announcement - such as forum rules, someone will ignore them. If the question has already been answered and someone wants to ask it again anyway then they will ignore the 1001st time it was answered, just like they ignored the first 1000. You can only make such much effort.

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Re: Youtube Feature Ideas

Postby fyrenwater » Wed May 20, 2009 11:03 pm UTC

I put screen-covering warnings &/or information on my videos, yet people STILL ask these questions, STILL complain about the things I warned about, and STILL are general braindead morons. This is why I have the YouTube Comment Snob add-on and screen all comments on my videos before allowing (or more often, deleting) them.

Basically, if you make it, they will IGNORE IT WTF IS THS SONG I CANT FIND THE TITEL CAN ANY1 TELL ME???
...It made more sense in my head.

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Re: Youtube Feature Ideas

Postby muteKi » Thu May 21, 2009 4:00 am UTC

I wish that the annotated comments feature -- that is, commenting on a video via annotation -- wasn't so easily abusable. There should be a limit to how large a commenter can make those boxes, or alternately they should do what NicoNico does and just scroll the text forward, and keep it a reasonable font size.

I'm tired of seeing whole videos blocked with a large block of text with nothing but "NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS" etc. posted on them, even if the video content may in fact be relatively banal.

Obviously this shouldn't be an issue for the video uploader, who should be allowed to do so -- making an annotation that covers the whole screen -- if it strikes his or her fancy.

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