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Postby noouch » Tue Jul 17, 2007 11:41 am UTC

I had a dream that I made some delicious quesadilla/burrito hybrid. Then I woke up because I was thirsty.

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Postby Durinthal » Wed Jul 18, 2007 2:37 pm UTC

Last night my dream was about the world coming to an end, and I was the only one that knew when each sign would happen and what it meant. People started panicking when the signs started to appear (such as some massive object appearing in the space near the moon) but I just felt a sense of dread about it all.

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Postby ijmaxwell » Wed Jul 18, 2007 2:48 pm UTC

Last night my girlfriend bought a PS3. For herself, not as a gift for me or anything (even though in the real world she doesn't play video games). So I used it, but to play Twisted Metal 2 for the original Playstation. It was all going really well until I came up against Wednesday Addams riding that two-wheel thing that normally has that guy Axel in it. Somehow this segued into an Addams Family/Buffy crossover-esque storyline that I don't recall in detail all that well.

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Postby Phi » Wed Jul 18, 2007 8:17 pm UTC

I was in an empty baseball stadium kind of a thing when one of my friends comes up and tells me that he got tickets to the Roger Waters concert that was happening one night. I jumped down onto the field (I was on the top tier) and ran over to find my mom to ask her if I could go. I can't remember what she told me, but I remember a Shadow of the Colossus-style bull came running at me, so I jumped onto it and grabbed a hold of the horns. It then went all the way around to a fence and dropped me off. I somehow NEEDED to get back on the other side of the fence, and this is when the point-of-view of my dream turned to 3rd-person. I began jumping up against the side of the fence like a video game character would (sliding up and down instead of bouncing off or something to that effect) until I found a place where it was, for the most part, bent inwards. I jump to the other side, then the fence seems like it has a door that I need to close. I close it, and then I wake up.

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Postby kcr » Wed Jul 18, 2007 11:15 pm UTC

Last night I actually had one of the most interesting dreams I've had in months and it gave me an idea to write about. Basically it involved small children and fireplaces and said children being burned. And also, creepy porcelain dolls. It was like one big story and I was a minor character watching but somehow also knew what was happening to the main character even when I wasn't there. (Example: romantic "subplot" that seemed to take place in my school bathroom. Hey, whatever. It was cool.)

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Postby cephalopod9 » Fri Jul 20, 2007 5:50 am UTC

Last night/this morning (I woke up at noon after sleeping for 12 hours) I dreamt about having traveled somewhere. It was really strange in retrospect because in the dream I remembered getting to that place weeks ago and I can't figure out if I had a dream about traveling there a while ago, dreamt about traveling there last night and skipped ahead, or just made the memory when I needed it. The only other clear part of my dream that I remember was pointing at a map and explaining that I thought I was in California/ though about California when I heard "the coast" or something, instead of this part of Canada... the map was kind of strange.

Also weird in dreams, remembering someone telling me something and not remembering what words they used.

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Postby Hypothetical Lighthouse » Fri Jul 20, 2007 6:26 am UTC

I rarely remember my dreams, but two nights ago I had quite a strange one where Sigmund Freud was chasing me around with a lollipop yelling "It's For Your Own Good!"
"'Hey baby', he said, winking as he walked into a high table, knocked off a globe with his face, and landed ass-first in a bowl of salsa."

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Postby lukkucairi » Fri Jul 20, 2007 8:32 pm UTC

I dreamed that all my ferns died.

And then I dreamed that I ruined the stylus that goes with my tablet.

I seem to be stressed out, for some reason.

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Postby Sprocket » Fri Jul 20, 2007 8:34 pm UTC

Meaux_Pas wrote:
Mairead wrote:I had a dream.

It was very vivid.

It felt very important.

I can't renember any of it.

This made me think of this funny/weird dream I had:

My bedroom window looks out over a porch, and beyond is most of Camberville, Harvard University area. I used to wake up with the sun and roll over in my bed to watch the sunrise before I got up.
One morning I dreamed that I rolled over, and looked at the sky to see God, Jesus, and Mary standing on a cloud bank, pulling souls up into the afterlife. They were huge and looked vaguely like a set of cards, King, Queen, Jack.
Jesus looked over and noticed me watching, and walked toward me, across the sky. He stepped onto my porch, and suddenly I was standing there with him.
And the LORD said unto me, "Danielle?"
And I said, "Actually, it's Meaux."
He said, "Oh, I'm sorry."
I replied, "It's OK, I'm sure you meet a lot of people in your line of work."

And then the LORD spoke unto me and told me to do something, because I was chosen. Except after I woke up, the last part of the dream faded, and I can't remember that part, maybe I was supposed to paint a mural or something.

Well, whatever. JC forgot my name, and I forgot his divine instruction. I guess we're even.
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Postby richlayers » Fri Jul 27, 2007 3:14 pm UTC

This morning I had a crazy dream that Randall Munroe had to save the world from terrorists.

He did it with champagne and parasailing. (Not necessarily together.)

And then he took me to the moon, but I think that was just incidental.

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Postby refreshingapathy » Fri Jul 27, 2007 3:27 pm UTC

My recent ex girlfriend.

I woke up crying.

God how I hate breakups.

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Postby qu » Fri Jul 27, 2007 6:39 pm UTC

My roommate's beard tilts to the left because he doesn't trim it very well. So last night, I had a dream that he met some guy whose beard tilted to the right. Then they fought to the death.

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Postby PatrickRsGhost » Fri Jul 27, 2007 6:50 pm UTC

This past Sunday night, I dreamed I was hired by the CIA. They needed me to take a physical examination, but they couldn't do it at their main office in Washington. Instead, they set up a large white tent, and inside was a metal table, which they had me sit on. The tent was located outside a house I think was my own house I used to live in, or else just some abandoned house I had seen before. While on the table, the CIA agents took off my shirt, and stabbed four knives into my back, two near my shoulder blades, and two lower, near my waist, forming a square. The knife blades were short, and the handles were wide, and different colors. I don't remember anything else about the dream.

One thing I will say about the dream: it left me a bit groggy and disoriented Monday morning. I almost thought it was Tuesday or Wednesday already. Sure as hell felt like it most of the day.

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Postby Arabella » Fri Jul 27, 2007 6:52 pm UTC

The night before last I had a friend who didn't resemble anyone I've met in real life (they're always such cool people) and somehow I led them to commiting suicide. but it wasn't sad really, it was all very matter of fact. Like the one where my friend was hanging everyone. Although in that one I did think "this should be really nasty and disturbing" which is something.

Does anyone else find that if they're thinking about a recent dream, bits of other dreams come back to you that otherwise have been completely forgotten. Then when you stop concentrating on the other dream they go again.

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Postby UmbrageOfSnow » Fri Jul 27, 2007 7:30 pm UTC

I dreamed that I helped my girl-who-I've-been-on-multiple-dates-with-and-talk-to-on-the-phone-and-will-hopefully-be-my-girlfriend-sometime-soon move stuff into her new place for next year and then she kissed me and I got to meet her mother, who actually liked me and looked like this generic sitcom mother figure. Then she left and her daughter kissed me some more.
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Postby lukkucairi » Fri Jul 27, 2007 7:57 pm UTC

I dreamed about a girl I went to school with when I was 12. she came up and gave me monkey pox.

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Postby Cheese » Fri Jul 27, 2007 8:03 pm UTC

UmbrageOfSnow wrote:... girl-who-I've-been-on-multiple-dates-with-and-talk-to-on-the-phone-and-will-hopefully-be-my-girlfriend-sometime-soon ...

Hmm, I wonder how different people class someone as a 'girlfriend'/'boyfriend', instead of just 'someone I've dated'...
I'm not really sure myself where I draw the line, but I'd like to know what other people think about it.

Anyway, last night I dreamed about someone I used to have a crush on (that I didn't recognise in my head when I woke up), who went to a theme park with me. She enjoyed all the rides and I think we agreed to meet up again sometime. Not sure when though.
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Postby redthegreat » Sat Jul 28, 2007 1:03 am UTC

A lot of my dreams involve me waliking home from my town "a 35min walk", Last night I dreamed I walked past a refuge for young mothers without families, but the houses flats were like roman villas and the women were hot and without children, so I ended up about to do them, I never do in my dreams though.

I often dream about real places where I live but extremely intricate elaborated versions based on London in the seventeen-hundreds. Narrow twisty roads up steep hills with women hanging out there washing and stuff.

Common ones I get lately are having to crawl through tight spaces, ages ago I had one about my local aquarium, I had to crawl through a space much smaller then myself to get out as the main door was jammed "my local aquarium is an ex-german tunnel bored into the side of a cliff face for the purposes of storing ammunition", now it just has shark tanks. Recently, I had one were I was walking along headland until I reached a battel zone that I wanted to avoid at a bay area. I got captured and had to crawl through a tight space into an under-ground holding cell, it was quite cosy.

I have had the typical "trying to do something but feels like I am in jelly and they are laughing" dreams a lot, mainly after my parents split and my farther was an arse-hole, trying to hit him and him just laughing.

I had a few where I tripped an fell into my harbour but never hit the ground. "very typical again" they were re-occuring

Again with the typical dreams, I drempt I was drinking coke and my teeth started to crumble and I pulled out one and the rest crumbled into sharp points and cut up my mouth.

Last ngiths was interesting, I was in my local sports shop, and someone had a magnetic lift hover-board and I wanted a go and the bloke was a dick, someone set off the fire alarms and I stayed till he got off and had a go on it only to find it sucked a bit and if I fell it would be to two storys below me and I would die.
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Postby TheKhakinator » Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:15 am UTC

Cheese wrote:Hmm, I wonder how different people class someone as a 'girlfriend'/'boyfriend', instead of just 'someone I've dated'...
I'm not really sure myself where I draw the line, but I'd like to know what other people think about it.

If I ask a girl out and she says yes then I consider her my girlfriend until she tells me otherwise or I change my mind.

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Postby Bondolon » Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:33 am UTC

I had a dream that my dad was being a complete asshole. It was a lot like real life.

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Postby Earlz » Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:37 am UTC first thread that has ever survived for more than 2 weeks...
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Postby FoxMoxin » Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:28 am UTC

This is actually from a few days ago, but what the hey.... It should make an interesting first post.. Or.. second actually.. I er.. have weird dreams like this all the time, I'm in the habit of transcribing them and cleaning them up a bit, since a dream tends to be more about memories and feelings and ideas that great dialog.. but the end result can be fun... anyway.. here goes...

Somewhere in the Center City section of Philadelphia, there is a small shop located in a small alley off of a street whose name few people know. It sits in one of the old buildings, those brick and stone towers covered with strange carvings and gargoyles and, if you know where to look, Mason-sign. I didn't know why i was going there, but i had been trying to take a shortcut and had stumbled across it. There was only a small sign in the window that read "Open: All hours All problems"
Unable to resist my curiosity i made my way to the door and opened it slowly. Inside was a small, neat room with clean wood floors and solid brick walls. A single heavy looking wooden door led to a back room. The room was mostly bare, but there were books laying about here and there, older musty tomes mixed with newer books in new age covers. They all had small slips of paper strewn through them, marking important pages. A few other weird items hung from a wall, garlic, some weeds of some sort, and a few odd looking tools of indeterminate use.
Behind the counter sat a small old woman in thick glasses and wearing a heavy wool shawl, despite the heat outside. She was reading a copy of the Citypaper when i entered and after a moment looked up and smiled.
"Ah good, you're here! We can begin the interview immediately."
"Interview?" I asked
"Why yes. You're here because of the Ad i placed in the paper right?" she said as she flipped the paper over and handed it to me. Inside was one small ad circled in the jobs section, it read "Employment for the inquisitive and the fast of thought, fleet of foot." It gave no address or phone number.
"I think i remember seeing this, but there's no contact information."
"Well you're here now, so clearly i didn't need to waste money on any excess words now, did I?" she chuckled, "So, let's get to the interview than."
I stood there, puzzled by the ramblings of this old woman, it was clear that she was mad in some way, but i couldn't figure out how. I watched as she took an old clipboard with a strange looking list on it and leaned back in her chair.
"Now, are you now, or have you ever been involved with any sort of Cult, coven, or mystical organization outside of the mainstream popularity?"
"Uhm.. No?"
"No? Why the Question?" she asked raising an eyebrow.
"Well, i mean, i used to read books and stuff when i was younger. I was always curious about things like that, but i never joined anything." She scribbled furiously on the sheet of paper and nodded her head as i spoke
"Good, good. Do you have any experience in the fields of cryptozoology, Botany, chemistry or Quantum physics?"
"Not really," i said with a slightly cautious tone, "I, uh, i read a lot on cryptozoology and quantum physics, but I'm no scientist. And i don't know anything at all about plants or chemistry."
"Not a problem, not a problem" she said nodding her head, "we don't expect everyone to be an expert on everything. Now, Do you have any military or paramilitary training, such as U.S. Army, or police force, or local militia? Or do you posses any hand to hand experience at all?" I hesitated for a momment before nodding my head.
"Yes, i took karate lessons when i was a child, but not many, and my father taught me wrestling, I'm pretty good at it." she made a neutral humming noise and chewed the end of a pencil and shook her head before scratching a few things out.
"Well, you do seem qualified for the position, but I'm not convinced of your capabilities. Wrestling isn't particularly useful here and those new agey little books you read as a teen probably just set up some idiotic preconceived notions. I think a quick test is in order." At this she turned and pressed a button on a phone that looked like something from the 1950's.
"Mitch, come in here, and bring the box with the Free Flow class B would you?" she said, the only response was a growling crack from the ancient system that may have been a yes, but i couldn't really tell.
A moment later a large man dressed up like a Hells Angel Biker entered from the back door carrying a wooden crate. The box was heavy and solid looking, a three foot cube, and he grunted when he walked. After a moment i realized that the man didn't have a left foot, but rather one of those metal prosthetics that ends in a shoe. He looked up and grinned at me.
"This the guy?" he asked in a thick gravely voice.
"Yes. Although he doesn't think so. He thinks he's just humoring a mad old woman you see?" she said grinning from ear to ear. She reached down under the desk and pulled out a glove tossing it at me, i leaned back and grabbed it clumsily from the air and gave her a puzzled look.
"Ha! So did I! Remember?" said Mitch as he leaned backwards, his back cracked audibly as he stretched and he let out a sign of relief. "Well don't just stand there, put the glove on!" he said to me chuckling slightly.
I looked at the two grinning people and than down at the glove. It was a tacky thing, black and fingerless, and covered in small metal studs. the front of the knuckles had words written on it, but i didn't recognize the language. I slipped the glove over my right hand cautiously, it fit surprisingly well.
"Now what?" i asked just in time to see Mitch pull open the front of the box, i hadn't noticed the hinges or how easily it would swing open. With a horrible scream it flew from the box and charged straight at me. It had a human face, and hands, but the rest of it looked like nothing more than a few tattered rags. The whole creature was semi-transparent and it reached for me with lightning speed. Desperately i jumped to the side as it passed over head, it reached the wall and turned only to charge at me again.
"The hell is that?!" i screamed as i ducked once more, scrambling past it, its grip missing me by inches.
"Now son," said the old woman shaking her head "You'll never get the job if you panic! If you can't figure out how to stop a simple little ghosty like this, well than you definitely don't belong here."
I stared at her for a moment and than looked back at the creature, i glanced down at my hand and considered the glove. I frowned as the thing moved to the side and it swooped for another pass. I jumped at it this time, bringing my fist back i swung forward, a straight simple punch and with my gloved hand. the ghost screamed at the touch of the glove and than seemed to implode, an overpressure of air sent me staggering back. The One legged Biker and the old woman where both clapping happily.
"Wonderful!" She said "You're inexperienced, but we all are when we start, and you're surprisingly fast too for someone your size! Congratulations! the Job is yours!."
"Okay," i said taking deep breaths, my eyes wide, "Okay. What the hell just happened here? what was that thing? Where did it go?! What job!?"
"You underwent a test," said another voice, i turned to see an attractive young woman step from the back door, she was dressed in full office attire with thick glasses and her hair pinned up. She looked like a prudish young librarian.
"To answer your other questions, that was a class B free floating dim hopper. More commonly called a ghost. As to where it went, the S-Allyl cysteine, an extract from garlic, that is located in one of the silver nubs on the glove severed the small wormhole that fed it the power it needs to remain manifest in this dimension. It was only potentially here anyway, and couldn't really interact much with the physical world, but enough of it might have existed her that it created a slight quantum blow back. As for the job, well, You're a professional exterminator of Pan-dimensional entities and portals."
"Welcome to the family!" said Mitch slapping me on the back"
"A Professional what? Like, what does that entail exactly, wait.. what?" I said becoming confused, i couldn't remember actually agreeing to take the job, but the Young woman was already passing me a W-2 form.
"It entails $18 an hour with full medical benefits, dental, glasses, overtime pay and free membership in a local gym. Also, you get one week of paid vacation each year." I paused considering the benefits.
"Er.. i guess I'm in?"
"Excellent. As soon as you finish your paperwork we need you and Mitch to head over to One Liberty Place. They've got a nasty little Vampire nest."

And than i woke up.
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Postby lunchbox » Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:29 am UTC

Well, it is something that almost everyone does. My problem is that I hardly ever dream, and when I do dream, I don't remember it unless it actually strikes a harsh emotion. And considering I'm rather hard to arouse emotionally, as in I hardly have them at all, I usually don't remember dreams, except for a crush that I have that just won't give up as I have been trying to forget about her for about a month...I hate it when I can't keep my emotions in check...anyways I think the most recent dream I had I have no idea what it was about, I just remember that I was in the game doom and I was shooting shit...

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Postby Narsil » Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:34 am UTC

I dreamed that I could jump really high. I jumped higher and higher until I was on a big mountain. I got to the top of the mountain and found a metal cage that I couldn't open. Inside was a ring.

I have no idea what that means.

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Oh... that.

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Postby TheKhakinator » Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:36 am UTC

Narsil wrote:I dreamed that I could jump really high. I jumped higher and higher until I was on a big mountain. I got to the top of the mountain and found a metal cage that I couldn't open. Inside was a ring.

I have no idea what that means.

Sounds like you need to go back to the other room of the dungeon to get the silver key. The ring will then allow you to complete the dungeon and face off against the boss once you get the golden key. [/zelda]

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Postby Narsil » Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:39 am UTC

Thinking more along the lines of the thing a ring usually means.

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Oh... that.

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Postby Dr.Robert » Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:44 am UTC

Last night I dreamt that I was following a caveman to a snowy cliff to sleep. We went to sleep in a good looking place over a lake. But then the next morning I woke up and found myself on the edge of a huge cliff with the lake down below (the snow melted, that was my reasoning.) I couldn't move or else I would slip and fall.

So then I decided to jump off the cliff and hopefully survive the fall by following the instructions on how to survive a long fall into water by the survival handbook. I lived, and swam to shore.

The next day I went back with a bunch of imaginary Asian friends and camped out there again. Just as we were about to go to sleep, I remembered that the supposed hill with a lake was actually a death cliff. I told my Asian friends that it was dangerous to sleep here and proceeded to find another spot away from the cliff. One of my Asian friends followed, but the rest didn't believe me. I went to sleep peacefully in a different location and then I woke up.

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Postby kilgore trout » Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:41 pm UTC

I dreamed I was being attacked by a giant snake that kept biting me over and over again. I panicked enough to wake myself up, and realized my friend Catherine was in my bed and biting my feet. Damn cat! (Actually, happy to have it be a cat, and not a real snake in my bed.)

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Postby Castaway » Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:34 pm UTC

I had a dream that I went running with two of my friends, but it was really muddy. Then I had to leave because I was having panic attacks about calculus. There were some more weird things, but I can't remember...
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Postby lukkucairi » Sat Jul 28, 2007 8:48 pm UTC

I dreamed my ex was coming to find me.

I dreamed I was driving a huge pickup truck, and stopped at a roadside stand where they were giving away unwanted papillon dogs. I got one named Gina.

Later on, Stephen Colbert tried to stop me at a roadblock. He disapproved of Gina but let me go.

I found my SO, but as I opened the truck door to let him in Gina got out. The truck was in gear and moved forward, and she got squished under the wheels :(

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Postby parkaboy » Sat Jul 28, 2007 9:18 pm UTC

i had a dream i was hanging out with Spoonfed Tribe before a show they were debating on not playing. everyone was told to type (on an oooold typewriter in the middle of the forest O_o) a list of reasons why they should do the show. some of them were "for the smile on my sons face" "for the sun on my face" "for the leaves on the ground" "for the ground that grows the trees" everyone was still skeptical and so i walked over and wrote "for the sky on us all" (??) as as i wrote "all" the dream-camera shifted to a birds-eye view and they all leaned down in a circle to read what i had written and then all, at once, looked up as it started to rain. everyone smiled and they started getting ready for the show.

i really really miss seeing that band live *sigh*

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Postby Arancaytar » Sat Jul 28, 2007 11:04 pm UTC

I'm unable to remember any of my recent dreams, but here's one I had a month or so ago. When I have really weird dreams, I tend to write them up immediately. Unfortunately, I sometimes get fuzzy on details even then, and so I can't say with absolute certainty this is completely accurate.

I posted this at another forum and will lazily copy-paste.

I wrote this in the train this morning. It's unedited, and I was just waking up, so expect a few stylistic and grammatical oddities. That includes spontaneously waxing poetic.


This morning, I woke up late, nearly an hour. But in that hour, I must have had the dream I now remember, for I am told I literally woke up and switched off the alarm when it went off, which I cannot remember in the dream.

Already, the vague background that I did not bother with recalling on waking fades away like morning mists in the mind's sunrise. But I recall that I had been invited to a gathering.

The gathering was for playing a game of some sorts, as a tournament, against a lot of other people. I can't quite remember the details of the game, but it had to do with roleplaying. We battled each other by coming up with fascinating descriptions of the combat, and then, by some magic or other, we actually won or lost in a manner that was not arbitrated by a judge or dice. Evidently, I had been playing this game online through text with some people, and someone had been so fascinated that he or she had called for a gathering of players, where we could match up in a tournament.

I was among the people that had been summoned, and now I stepped out of the train a bit hesitantly, not knowing what to expect. But beside the bus that would take us to the place where we'd be meeting, there was already a crowd of other players and I joined them, greeting a few but generally remaining silent. The rest weren't very talkative either. How could they be - we were all used to the text medium, and, as should have been clear from the beginning, we were all as geeky as they came.

I struck up a conversation with some guy, but I cannot remember what was said. It was related to the game though; we exchanged some or tips or techniques. I remember that none of the assembled players looked very competitive - it was more of a get-together than a real contest.

When we arrived at the place, I realized I'd been there before! That had been on some school field trip. Now at this point, I felt that I needed the bathroom, so I quickly went inside to where I remembered the toilets had been last time I'd been here. It was a good thing I knew my way (more or less) through the house, because the toilets were in the cellar, which was also referred to as the Great Underground Empire. Yes, I did start playing Zork recently.

Now, I was standing in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. Fortunately I remembered in which direction the bathroom lay, so I quickly headed off... to find that the only toilet in the room was occupied. It was the guy I'd talked to earlier. Because there were no cubicles, just a seat in the middle of the room, I left before he noticed me to avoid embarrassment. So now I was walking through the maze of twisty passages in search of another toilet.

After some searching, I arrived in a vast room full of stuff. I don't quite remember what the stuff was, but I think it was mostly potted plants and a little junk - but no dirt or trash. In fact, there were so many potted plants - and also plants growing on the walls - that it looked like some large vegetal cavern. Fortunately, in a corner of the room, there was finally the toilet seat that I had been looking for.

So I sat down, and also took a look around. Now that I really concentrated on the room, it seemed more like some three-dimensional rendering of a game world - and the vegetal cavern actually bore resemblance to a game I'd played before: Albion. If you know this game, you probably know which dungeon I mean, otherwise it doesn't matter anyway.

But then I saw, on a shelf beside me, some little device that played music. I recognized it (although it was not from the game), and I also knew that it went off very easily and it was unbelievably loud. Of course, I didn't want to set it off, because like the other room, there was no way to close or lock the doors. Too late - I had only picked it up, and now it was playing. It was as loud as I remembered, and I quickly tried to shut it off, without success. In desperation, I finally gripped it and threw it over the rim of the chasm that was at at far wall of the room. I hoped that it would either be deep enough to be out of earshot or to shatter it.

A mere ten seconds later, the music abruptly stopped - I sighed in relief - but the silence only lasted a second before the device began to play again.

Silly, I remembered. This was not real, but a simulation or a dream, and the clock was only an Instance of a magical item class, with a script attached to it. The script made it play music globally, that is to say throughout the entire world, when triggeed, and of course it was indestructible.

Fortunately, however, the music could not be located - to anyone within some strangely calculated range, it seemed to come from everywhere, while to anyone else it was inaudible.

By now, I felt very tired, and I felt compelled to lean my head against the wall and just fall asleep there on the toilet.

However, I then quickly stood up and walked back up the stairway by which I had come down, and then I ended up in a large hall with a long table standing on a raised dais in the center. There were sitting two people there; one of them was again the one I had met earlier, and the other was the one who had invited us. I didn't even remember what his name was, but we all just referred to him as the Master for his great renown. Now that I am awake, I realize the analogy to "Dungeon Master", but believe me, I was not aware of that in the dream.

The Master and the other guy were talking, but not about the roleplaying game we were going to play here, but about programming real computer games. I joined them because I was interested as well, and heard a few things the Master had to say about simulations.

He talked at length about Plato's Cave analogy, on which he based almost all of his theories on designing a simulation or a virtual world. We were talking about programming in an object-oriented language, so what he explained most was how to set up the different classes of objects. He was obsessed with Plato, and called them Ideas instead of classes, and Shadows instead of objects or instances. His radical new idea was to design *everything* physical as an object of a class that was somehow derived from an Item super-class, which meant that even houses were not represented as dungeons or maps, but as a large collection of bricks stuck together with mortar, which could be taken apart or built together anew. And not only that, but even the bricks would be collections of tiny pieces of stone dust baked together, which would be made up of molecules that could react chemically with other molecules. This concept, he theorized, was the road to perfection of the virtual world, because it allowed the greatest flexbility and realism. Even seemingly random things like dice rolls could be calculated from movement of air and spin of the die. I asked him how he was going to render or store that many different objects in memory, and he answered that it was actually far less work-intensive for the computer than I thought. Apparently, he would indeed render the world as an uncountable number of tiny particles, but he would only need to render the part of it that was being observed by a player. If it went out of sight, he explained, he merely needed a few vague maps and databases to keep track of things, and random events would only be decided by random numbers, not by the physical simulation he had talked about earlier.

Sorry if I ramble - this was outlined only by a few images in my dream, and I'm explaining it in far more detail than it actually appeared, so it's more understandable. It's hard to describe how you think, but all of this was not actually in literal words.

I do remember one literal sentence though, which came at the end: "That's how I set up what you call reality." Thankfully, at that point, I awoke.

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Postby Trevor » Sat Jul 28, 2007 11:19 pm UTC

My dextromethorphan-induced dreams last night included

  • Professionally skip-racing
  • Eating beaver-flavored pudding
  • Dying
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Postby pollywog » Sat Jul 28, 2007 11:21 pm UTC

One from last night, one of 2 dreams I've remembered in the last month. I won't tell the first one, because it's far too private and shocking.

My second dream: I was at school, showing 2 kids a webcomic on the computer in the common room. It was "Sexyloser", not xkcd. Anyway, a girl I know walked in, and told me to get on my knees, so I did. Then she kicked me in the face. It was quite erotic.
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Postby Earlz » Sun Jul 29, 2007 5:46 am UTC

Anyone here use to watch Dragonball-Z? Anyone remember the thing where that main character guy is teaching some girl how to control her "power" ? yea, like where they cup her hands kinda and then a small dot of light appears that is "poower" or something...(I don't really remember)

yea..I had a dream that I could do that...but the weird thign is, I very clearly remember waking up, going downstairs, adn then attempting to show my mom this new skill I had learned. But, I couldn't get it to work, and she just walked away without saying a word...
I still am not sure if I actually did that, or if it was another dream, as I remember being very sleepy, but also don't remember all the details...who knows...

btw, this was quite a few years back..
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Postby wing » Sun Jul 29, 2007 6:17 am UTC

I don't usually talk about my dreams, because I tend to lucid dream and things turn very personal and I don't really like to share that stuff much. But last night, I wasn't in control. That, in itself, was frightening. I *KNEW* I wasn't in control, and no matter how hard I tried to get control, it wouldn't come. Normally, trying too hard causes you to wake. But I didn't. I could think and analyze all I wanted, but I just couldn't control my dream-self (I can never control the other characters, or the sequence of events, but I can influence them as in real life under normal circumstances. But again, I couldn't).

I was somewhere that shouldn't have existed. I can't really describe it. It clearly wasn't natural, but it clearly wasn't artificial, either. It wasn't dark, but it wasn't light, either. It wasn't empty, but there wasn't anything around. I couldn't see anything, but I knew there was substance. It was the perfect neutral. I'll call it the void.

What must have been hours passed, and at this point I was FUCKING PANICKING. I mean, if this were a dream, I'd be able to wake myself up just by trying to do something. But if there were real, I'd be able to FUCKING DO SOMETHING. Shortly thereafter, someone else was there with me. I couldn't see her, but I knew who it was.

She only said one word. "Don't." I knew that I'd know what it's in reference to when it's relevant. But she didn't tell me that. And then I woke up. Crying. Like, I'd been crying while I was still sleeping.

The fuck?
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Postby Arancaytar » Sun Jul 29, 2007 7:48 am UTC

I just woke up, and this time I can remember my dream.

I was trapped in some kind of alternate world (or it may have been a computer simulation). In this world, I could spontaneously teleport to any place on the map I had already been to.

We (my sister was there, I don't know if my parents were too) were at the lair of some huge dragon or demon. His name was "Lindre" (I can actually remember that name and its spelling; and it was pronounced "LIN-dré"). He was unbelievably dangerous, because he could sense where people were, and every time he got hungry, he'd walk around and eat someone.

Finally, we ran away. My sister suggested we go to some forest that was lying vaguely north-west, near the coast. But at that point, I was really unsure and opened a map I'd been carrying all this time. It was a huge fold-out map that seemed to cover several square meters, and as I was struggling to find our place, my sister grew impatient. She said "I know where it is".

But I continued checking, and eventually I gave up. "Okay, I'll just ask you: Isn't that the place with the spiders tall as horses?" (Now at this point, you need to know I'm badly arachnophobic.)

My sister hesitated and then said "Uh, yes. But I'm sure they're not so bad."

I responded "Are you crazy? I'd prefer the company of that Lindre guy!"

Around then, I woke up.

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Postby Arancaytar » Sun Jul 29, 2007 8:00 am UTC

As to where it went, the S-Allyl cysteine, an extract from garlic, that is located in one of the silver nubs on the glove severed the small wormhole that fed it the power it needs to remain manifest in this dimension. It was only potentially here anyway, and couldn't really interact much with the physical world, but enough of it might have existed her that it created a slight quantum blow back.

That is the most awesome explanation for ghosts and garlic I've ever seen. :)

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Postby Arancaytar » Thu Aug 02, 2007 5:33 am UTC

Whoops, triple post. Anyway.

My last dream is beginning to get fuzzy, but I remember two details sticking out.

- I was sitting in my room, when all of a sudden someone knocked on the door. It's someone I've never seen, and he introduces himself as if he were an old friend. Seeing my confusion, after a while he adds: "You don't really know this guy, right?" And on shaking my head, he replies: "Well, that's all right, I'll come back as someone else." And vanishes. Creepy. I don't think I've ever been more paranoid in a dream than after that - even though I should have had little to fear: If a shape-shifting infiltrator is stupid enough to give themselves away like this, how dangerous can they be?

- Other detail: I was walking around the backyard and suddenly saw a laptop lying on top of a big refrigerator. It looked like they were stuck to each other. I recognized it as my father's, and asked him: "Dad, why the hell is your laptop welded to a refrigerator?" He responds: "That's the cooling system. It's running Vista, see." So I bash Microsoft even in my sleep. :lol:

Yesterday, I dreamed I was walking down the stairways to an Underground station. My nose was blocked, so I made a loud and disgusting snuffling/snorting noise. In the same instant, I hear a "hello" behind me, and on turning around, I see it's someone I have a crush on (in the dream. On waking, I had no idea who she was.) So I guess what the dream was trying to tell me was "don't make disgusting noises in public, you never know who's standing behind you".
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Postby Sunshine » Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:24 am UTC

I've had this one fairly often, at least once every four or five days...
Pretty standard SexyTime dream, Sunshine have teh sexx0r with a generic beautiful woman (I can never remember her face though). This is pretty normal, except in the dream I was the woman. Sexing myself. And having a lot of fun, but when I wake up I'm always like "What the christ?"

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