Pictures from iphone 5s on windows 10

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Pictures from iphone 5s on windows 10

Postby Dopefish » Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:07 pm UTC

So this is a very basic question, but I've essentially never used any apple products.

A not very tech savvy relative of mine wants me to grab her pictures off her phone when she visits.

Can this be as trivial as getting a dollar store usb-iphone connector cable (I guess it's called lightning), plugging it into my laptop, and browsing to her camera roll and copy pasting the desired pictures in windows file explorer?

I'm hoping the response here is "Yes of course", but I've heard all kinds of horror stores about apple products aggressively trying to sync stuff and I don't want it to suddenly try to take all my photos/music/??? and link it to her apple ID or something. For related reasons, I'd much rather not install itunes (or i-whatever software) and just treat it as a external storage device I can browse to manually if possible, but I don't know if theres any weird iphone/windows incompatibility stuff I need to overcome.

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Re: Pictures from iphone 5s on windows 10

Postby somitomi » Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:49 pm UTC

The only Iphone I ever used was a 3G model, but back then the only way to access files from a computer was Itunes, it would under no circumstances behave as an external storage device. If I recall correctly the Iphone 5 my dad had behaved the same way. You could try sending the photos over Bluetooth if your laptop has it.
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