Replacement iPod drive (+more iPod hacking/upgrading)

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Replacement iPod drive (+more iPod hacking/upgrading)

Postby yelly » Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:31 pm UTC

I've tried finding help all over the place, and people aren't seeming very co-operative, so I am turning to the good people of XKCDia.
My 4th gen 40gig monochrome iPod seems to have finally died. It won't boot (I get a sad face), won't mount (even when in disk mode) and the HD constantly sounds like it is speeding up and slowing back down again (accompanied by beeps). My diagnosis is that my harddrive kicked the bucket, make sense?
So, anyway, I assume that Apple will charge me more than what a new iPod would cost to fix it, and getting to an Apple store is non-trivial, so I guess I'll just have to fix it myself. I've snooped around for a new drive for my iPod, and found a large price range. Anyone have any suggestions? Price is my primary concern, but if I can fit a bigger (reasonably priced) drive in there, that would also be nice. Also, anyone have any ideas for more fun I can have while digging around my iPod's internals?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Replacement iPod drive (+more iPod hacking/upgrading)

Postby taptap » Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:29 am UTC

Hey yelly, sorry i never got back.

As far as Ipod's go, that sad face def. means that the hard drive has gone south. Replacing it isn't a diffucult ordeal (i believe there is a tutorial on, but take care becasue it requires you to pry the plastic face away from the steel backing, and the LCD cannot take any torque or twisting (i found this out on my 30gb video ipod).

As far as having fun with the ipod, minus it's ipod-a-bility, I will quote davean where in just about any question I had about anything, he would say "you can install linux on that"... and the same holds true for the monochromatic Ipods as well. and it's AWESOME.

Rockbox Linux is it's name. Google it, because i'm not sure the exact website. They have all sorts of ports for all sorts of MP3 Players (I use it on my Toshiba Gigabeat) and it's ridiculous. It frees you from Itunes, and all your buttons still work perfectly. Plus, there's full tutorials on how to install it. It's essentialy a linux flavor built for your ipod. it has games, video support, and other neat tools and utilities that will keep you messing with it for hours. It's ID3-tag support is awesome also.

the Ipods used like a 1 inch or 1.5 inch hard drive I think. You may be in good shape if you can find one on ebay with a broken screen, but, I would stick with the same size HDD that your current one has. The older ones may not support the larger hard drives in use today... so watch out for that.

Good luck!

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