Help with the update manager of Kubuntu 7.10

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Help with the update manager of Kubuntu 7.10

Postby Sparv » Fri Jun 27, 2008 3:59 pm UTC

I'm trying to have a working installation of Kubuntu. I have a "working" network (konqueror can access the internet,IP, gateway, netmask DNS, and proxy set to the right Magic Numbers), but the update manager doesn't work: when I ask for new updates, it is stuck at 0%, "waiting for headers".
What may I try?

I'm downloading an OpenSuse 11 DVD, but it won't be finished before three hours, so I have some time to experiment, as long as i don't have to reboot.

EDIT: it seems that the update manager detected that the 8.04 is available, so some kind of communication with the server must be possible. But after launching the update, it stays at 0%.
Shit happens

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