Anyone else with a Dell laptop having backlight issues?

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Anyone else with a Dell laptop having backlight issues?

Postby someguy » Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:06 am UTC

Hello everyone.

The strangest thing started happening with TWO Dell portables a few days back around here. On both of them the LCD backlight seems to have gone haywire in very much the same way.

Basically, and having done nothing out of the ordinary with either of them, the panel will now remain dark (ie. backlight off) when resuming from sleep. Even stranger is the fact that the screen actually lights up when the lid is closed about halfway, at a 45-ish degree angle (which of course makes it unusable-- right now in fact I'm typing this with the screen at a normal angle, which entails propping up the laptop against a bent knee in the most awkward of fashions.)

The fact that TWO machines have developed essentially the same issue within a few days of each other makes me suspect some kind of background upgrade fucking things up, but I'd have expected some sort of noise on the 'Net if this had indeed been the case, and so far it's all quiet.

So I thought I'd start by asking here.

Open to suggestions, thanks in advance.
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Re: Anyone else with a Dell laptop having backlight issues?

Postby BumpInTheNight » Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:20 pm UTC

It does sound like a software hickup more then a hardware issue, Dell gives you software called Quickset that manages a few things like power settings, it could be the source and yes it does self-update by default.

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