making a card game, beta may involve xkcd, wanna help?

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making a card game, beta may involve xkcd, wanna help?

Postby DrProximo » Fri Jul 18, 2014 6:48 am UTC

So I'm developing a card game. It's actually a refined version of a game I made with a friend back in '97. I printed 100 cards on recipe cards (not so easy to shuffle). it was pretty fun, but now I'm ready to polish it up and turn it into a real Thing.

Part of the design of the game is that there will be different decks, each with their own theme and style, superficially looking like they might be from entirely different games, but still able to be played off of each other. Given the creative commons nature of xkcd, and the many characters and concepts just waiting to be turned into a game, I've decided that one of the decks in the beta test will be an xkcd deck.

This is turning out to be a lot of work, which I accept, and I'm willing to do it, but it would probably go easier if I had at least one person to collaborate with. Anyone interested? I'll share more complete details and current plans via pm.

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