This War of Mine

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This War of Mine

Postby setzer777 » Sat Nov 22, 2014 6:49 pm UTC

Just came out on Steam. It's really interesting so far - kinda like a much darker Sims with crafting and some roguelike elements when you scavenge at night.

You control a group of civilians in a war-torn city, squatting in a shelled out building. You have to keep them fed, rested, healthy, and non-depressed (last one is harder for compulsive coffee drinkers or smokers). At night you choose who gets to sleep, who stays on guard duty, and who goes scavenging for food, medicine, bandages, and crafting materials. If you send someone scavenging you choose where in the city to go - you basically have to choose between stealing from innocent people, relying on areas with less stuff (and more digging involved), or going to more dangerous areas (soldiers, armed gangs, snipers, etc.) When you get back you find out if anyone raided your settlement, and how you fared if they did.

The game conveys its message well without being preachy - it's more about the hard choices you have to make. They don't force you to compromise your morals, but morals will definitely make survival more difficult for you*.

One thing the game does well is the sense of uncertainty when you encounter other people (either while scavenging or at your settlement during the day). You can't be sure whether they'll be willing to barter, whether they'll let you scavenge the same area as them, or whether they'll be a threat.

*Even this seems pleasantly nuanced - you can take from every victim you can find, or you can try to stick to people that are sufficiently "rich" (by the war's standards) that they won't be in immediate danger if you take a bit. There is no narrative karma that rewards good actions and punished bad ones, though you may be rewarded by thankful people or murdered by those people you were stealing from who turned out to be more numerous and better armed than you realized.
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Re: This War of Mine

Postby Zohar » Sat Nov 22, 2014 7:10 pm UTC

I'm very interested in this game. I have too much to play right now, though, so I'll let it wait. It's 20$ if I'm not mistaken, which sounds like a reasonable price, but I don't have a lot of income and maybe there will be a discount in the future.
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