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Postby Koa » Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:20 am UTC

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What an interesting setting. To draw an LotR metaphor, Sauron is in the final stages of conquering the realm, and you play as a Saruman the White representative. Despite an ensured victory, the war machine has halted its advance and you're sent to resolve the stalemate. The military is disorganized and split between two polarized ideologies, two armies, which can be boiled down to chaotic evil and lawful evil. You are a judge jury and executioner, your mission is to do whatever it takes to continue the conquest.

Your empire uses magic liberally as a war weapon, sometimes to dominate the mind's of the enemy, other times destroying cities in a single spell. All shall submit or die to Kyros.

The combat is a little more fun than it looks, thankfully. It's a little more streamlined than Pillars of Eternity, mostly in good ways in my opinion. I haven't played enough though. The spellcrafting system is also noteworthy. When I made my character, I picked unarmed and fire control. I sometimes feel like Zuko from Avatar or something, given the empirical setting and spells like fire palm.

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Re: Tyranny

Postby Chen » Mon Nov 14, 2016 12:41 pm UTC

Played this over the weekend. Definitely has potential. I've heard its quite short (20ish hours) compared to other RPGs like this and that the ending is very abrupt, as if it's really made for a big DLC expansion or sequel. That said I've been having fun with it so far. Magic seems way more powerful than anything else and combat with actual weapons (like 2 handers) seems slow as all hell. Even my archer companion seems better off throwing spells here and there just due to a lack of other abilities to use.

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