Kenshi: Samurai of the Apocalypse

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Kenshi: Samurai of the Apocalypse

Postby CorruptUser » Wed May 23, 2018 9:55 pm UTC

So, Kenshi is an interesting game. Currently in development, but "early access" available and almost near completion.

The world is unfair and doing its best to kill you. You are on a world that was once thriving, but has been mostly been turned into an arid wasteland after not one but two apocalypses, and live in the rusted shadows of whatever it was that humanity once had. You don't have an avatar, you control squads of people (with mods increasing this to up to 255 people). Every area has its own biome, and the biomes are beautiful. The equipment is mostly based around medieval Japan with a bit of steampunk, with the ability to build your own little fortress/settlement if you so desire. A "job" system is planned, but there is no main story and never will be, beyond what you decide to do. There's robots, and robot limbs for when the game decides "screw you" and your characters get their arms chopped off.

If you ever wanted to create an army of cyborg ninjas, this is your chance.

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Re: Kenshi: Samurai of the Apocalypse

Postby New User » Thu May 24, 2018 12:44 pm UTC

I think it looks intriguing, but I am wary of early access games. I'll wait patiently and see how development proceeds.

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