It's been done, but I want to do a meta-RPG.

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Re: It's been done, but I want to do a meta-RPG.

Postby Pizzashark » Sat Dec 13, 2008 4:36 pm UTC

Some Asshole wrote:
Yuri2356 wrote:Insane villians are some of the best villians. What we need is more insane heroes.

Evil, meet my sword. Sword! MEET EVIL! Butt-kicking for Goodness! - Misc

Added a bit more information - ST

Aww, I deliberately left it bereft of information so that only BG fans would get the nod :(

Still think Minsc's reaction to meeting the pirate king in Brynnlaw is the best. That, or his reaction to Edwina (I usually pick up Edwin, let him turn himself into Edwina, let Jaheira and Minsc mock him, then promptly kill him.)
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