Advanced Rubik's Cubes

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Advanced Rubik's Cubes

Postby tzar1990 » Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:36 pm UTC

While browsing online, I managed to stumble upon these three sites, and thought you might find them interesting: : It's a simulation of a 4-dimensional rubik's cube analog : Just for the sake of taking things too far, they decided to make a simulation of a 5-d rubiks cube! 5.4 x 10^88 (whoa...) to 2.2 x 10^21503 :shock: possible permutation, depending on how big you make the... thing : Like the 4-d Rubik's cube, except using a 120-cell instead. 2.3 x 10^8126 possible positions, and my brain hurts just looking at it.

Note that all of these are programs you have to download, and I have yet to actually try any of them (I can't even solve a normal cube) so I can't promise they work. However, there are videos on youtube of the 4d cube at and the 5d... thing at and I haven't found any of the 120-cell, but given that only one person has even solved it, that could be expected.
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Re: Advanced Rubik's Cubes

Postby Flesh_Of_The_Fallen_Angel » Tue Jan 20, 2009 4:24 am UTC

My brain hurts just thinking about Rubik's cubes. My one is sitting over there *point* just mocking me for not being able to finish it. The best I could ever get was two sides. Once you get that in place, you can't actually turn the cube without messing up the sides you already did. It irritates me very much.

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