Share some games i have played

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Share some games i have played

Postby xkcijik » Thu May 21, 2009 7:58 am UTC

I have tried quite a lot of browser games recently, here I would like to share some that I think is worth to try when you have free time

1. Street Racers
Street Racers is browser based mmo, what you do is racing against others and participate in tournaments, buy and sell cars like other racing games. All the cars and car parts in this game are modelled in 3D and nicely rendered. There's no upper limit on what level you can be, you grow as much as you want and there's nobody there to stop you from doing that. After reaching certain amount of silver cups, you get to choose your own speciality. You can be one of 3: Racer, Forcer or Mechanic. It is a very cool rpg games, worth to try out.

2. My Brute
My Brute is most interesting game I played, and the game was like virus spread around the world. You can tinker with the looks of your brute, but the assigned traits, such as strength and agility, will be solely determined by the name choice and will not be revealed until the brute is validated. Once brute is created, you can fight against other. you can only fight three times times a day. but with each fight they gain points to level up as well as earning weapons and skills to help them in combat. Also to level up you can also recruit others to make a brute and be their disciple, which earns the “master” points every time the disciple levels up.

3. Dark Orbit:
Link: ... bit.shtml/
It is very simple game to play, all you need to do is use your mouse and left click on enemies, kill them and gain XP. Then take the minerals or supplies from enemies as rewards. Two things I don’t like. First, in the Dark Orbit there is an open PVP environment; imbalanced items can ruin the game for other players. Second is the game’s music, boring and repetive. Overall, Dark Orbit is not bad if you just wanna kill some times, flying your battle ship around space kill some enemies and have some fun, it is not bad choice.

4. WWII Warfare
WWII Warfare is a free browser-based strategy game set at the height of World War II. You build your own base and develop your infrastructure, such as military academy, medical center, depot and command center, etc. There are three different types of resources in WWII Warfare: Oil, Steel, and Grain. Meanwhile, you can also make your streamlined weaponry and equipment according to your strategy. Ultimately, when you become strong enough, you can wage wars against your targets or join an alliance to fight together against your enemies.

5. Sea fight
Seafight is a pirate-themed, browser-based MMO game. There are two pages you mainly use when you play the game. One is web page and the other is a new window with map where you sailing and fighting. What you do is use your ship to completed quest (reach a certain place or kill monsters) and get level up, buy new items or ships. The map will expand based on you level up. it also available in many languages.You can fight with other’s ship as well, or you can fight for your guild with hundreds players all around the world on each site. I play when I need a break from the normal MMO games some times. So if you like pirate game or a PvP-oriented game it is not bad choice.

BTW share your gaming experiece as well, what are fun games you found recently, are they good?
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Re: Share some games i have played

Postby Babam » Thu May 21, 2009 6:27 pm UTC

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Re: Share some games i have played

Postby SecondTalon » Thu May 21, 2009 8:33 pm UTC

I really need to remember to look at the time a report was put in, so I can figure out whether or not I need to chew people out in a thread for being unhelpful.

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