Help Defend Video Games In The Supreme Court!

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Re: Help Defend Video Games In The Supreme Court!

Postby SecondTalon » Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:20 pm UTC

superglucose wrote:
maxh wrote:Arnold Schwarzenegger, '80s action star and governor of California, has passed a law banning the sale of "violent" video games to anyone under the age of 18.

Let me put it this way:

For all of my life I have campaigned against this idea of "Gee Willikers bewbs = mature" because everyone has nipples, pretty much everyone has or wants to have sex, etc. etc. How are penises mature content if at least half of all people under the age of 2 have seen one?

But as for the violence issue, I believe Yahtzee said it correctly: it is obviously incorrect to say that Halo is turning our youth into gun-toting crazed-killing machines, but it's also somewhat... questionable... to say that a game like Manhunt won't have an effect on kids in terms of desensitizing them to violence.

My compromise with myself is this: don't let the kids buy M rated games in the same way you don't let the kids buy tickets to R rated movies. `ro. Oh, and also to campaign against the way a lot of games try to appear edgy by adding in gore. Dark games are not (necessarily) games in which everything is a headless zombie. Example: Morrowind was a very dark game, with a huge undercurrent of corruption, racism, hatred, etc. and it managed it all without gore. Games that use spectacle in place of actual quality drive me bonkers, and I feel like it's these games (Manhunt comes to mind) that belong to the class of games that make me feel it's ok to restrict the sale of violent games.


So... the ESRB. And basically every retailer I've ever been in that sells video games, as whenever I buy something M rated I see a flash on the screen with the "Is the customer 18?" flash by as the cashier slowly pushes Yes, usually too transfixed by the awesome that is in my obviously over 18 beard. Sometimes they ask if they can stroke it. Occasionally I grant them this boon.

But yeah, seriously... the ESRB is exactly like the board that rates movies. The mechanisms behind it are exactly the same in that generally speaking, if they let a 8 year old buy a ticket for an R rate movie/buy a M game.. cops aren't going to swarm out of the woodwork and arrest everyone involved as.. no law has been broken. It's all self-regulated.

The problem is fucking parents buying this shit for their kids when the clerk is standing there saying "I.. really don't think this is age-appropriate for your 8 year old son..." and the parent says "Whatever, they want it. It's a video game."

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Re: Help Defend Video Games In The Supreme Court!

Postby The Scyphozoa » Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:31 pm UTC

SecondTalon wrote:
Lucrece wrote:This is different from a game where the entertainment comes from relating to and wanting to live vicariously through some questionable characters. God of War is a pretty recent example of a petty, murderous, rapist douchebag that the gamer is supposed to relate to.
Because the protagonists of Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Lord of War, Predators, The Godfather, Kill Bill, Friday, and a crapload of movies I can't recall all have fine, upstanding members of society, not a single one of which would dare break the law or engage in any illicit or immoral behaviors?

No... we were talking about required reading in school. You are talking about movies that would never ever be shown in school.
The required reading that involves murder and other bad stuff usually is intended to have a bit of the message "this is bad". Those movies, and violent video games, aren't. Which is why the movies and games are worse than the books. Point gotten?

That said, I've played Call of Duty since I was 9. That was rated T... the M rated games I play are usually only different from T rated ones because they have bad language, which really shouldn't be a problem for anyone over the age of 14 or anyone whose parents actually manage to never swear... which is nobody's parents.

However, Brothers in Arms (M) does have more blood than even some other T rated games. Then again, so does... uh... Portal, of all things.
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Re: Help Defend Video Games In The Supreme Court!

Postby Keand64 » Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:06 am UTC

Related to how games are rated: I find it interesting that games aren't rated on how violent they are, just on how graphically that violence is displayed. Ie: It's only obscene if it's real.
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Re: Help Defend Video Games In The Supreme Court!

Postby CombustibleLemons » Tue Aug 31, 2010 5:53 pm UTC

Okay I have yet to play a game that has taught me to load a rifle/pistol and go out and shoot someone in the face. Lets forget about how I'm going to obtain this weapon. Oh wait fallout tuaght me how to pick a lock so i can get into my dads gun cabinet because the Gun store certainly going to sell me one.

Tell me why I would want to shoot someone I know in real-life when I can shoot a faceless npc in a game for free? ammo cost money people! if anything i think if the parents are willing to buy the game for the kid, let them.

Would LoZ:OT be considered violent? If the answer is yes help us god.
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