Tear-jerkers (merged: Fictional Tears)

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Re: Tear-jerkers (merged: Fictional Tears)

Postby Sableagle » Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:29 pm UTC

Also this, particularly the way the chorus implies the singer knows all too well how military funerals go and then in verse four, he says: "it was all done in vain. Oh, Willie McBride, it all happened again."
Oh, Willie McBride, it was all done in vain.

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Re: Tear-jerkers (merged: Fictional Tears)

Postby Zohar » Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:22 pm UTC

cephalopod9 wrote:There's a lot of factors in what makes a person cry, at a given movie at a given time. I like This American Life's story on crying about movies on airplanes. (I just relistened and Freaky Friday is one of their examples)

Off topic (because not a movie) but I guess since we're mentioned This American Life:
There was a story on This American Life a few months ago about people dealing with death. People in Japan often have small altars/worshiping places in their homes for dead relatives. They pray, put food in front of the altar for their spirits to eat, that sort of stuff. Basically the deceased remain a big part of waking life.

Anyway, they had a story about this Japanese guy whose dad died in the tsunami, and he didn't manage to connect to the memory of his dad very much. He ended up finding this abandoned, non-functional phone booth, put it in his back yard, and found it was easier for him to talk if he was talking to the phone piece. People in the area found out about this and started sneaking into his backyard in order to have their own "phone calls" with their dead relatives, often dialing the numbers of homes destroyed to "reach" them.

I was walking home from work as I was listening to it and on that day I was definitely the weirdest person on the street, crying with headphones in.

Here's the link to that act of the show. It's a tear-jerker in the sort of... happy, fulfilled, emotional tears sort of way? It's not entirely sad. Hard for me to describe that feelings.
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