Perfect Blue (major spoilers)

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Perfect Blue (major spoilers)

Postby une see » Mon Jul 16, 2007 5:53 am UTC

Okay, so I just watched this movie, and I thought it was pretty confusing, although that may have been because I was paying a lot of attention to the juicy, yummy peaches I was eating. But I have a few questions for those who have seen it before:

1. Did Mima really dress up as a pizza boy and kill that man (think he was the photographer or something)? Or was it Rumi/Mr. Me-Mania/other? I've worked out (in my own mind) that either he was the only one she killed (or did she kill Me-Mania too with that blow to the head?), or she didn't kill anyone.

2. So she started believing that she was her TV show character? And she started going crazy, even before the stalking got really bad and everything? I don't understand why her hallucination turned out to be Rumi. Her insanity didn't have anything to do with Rumi's insanity, did it?

3. Was Mr. Me-Mania the murderer of the scriptwriter and the others, or was Rumi the murderer?

4. Who was on the stage with Cham when they were doing their concert (after Mima left Cham)? If it was Rumi, then why did the fans get so excited?

5. Was Me-Mania the writer of Mima's Room, or was it Rumi? (I think this actually may have been revealed in the film, but I'm not sure.)

6. Did Me-Mania send the fax and the exploding letter? Or was that Rumi in her Mima personality?

7. All those times Mima "woke up," was she being drugged by Rumi or something? Were any of those scenes before "waking up" real?

Oh, man. I just realized that I actually don't get a lot of stuff about this movie. I mean, I understand that Mima, Rumi, and Me-Mania were all pretty crazy, but only Mima got a happy ending. And Rumi was pretending to be Mima to Me-Mania online, and Mima kept hallucinating about her former pop idol self, etc. But I just don't know about some of the details...
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