Let's Compare Size!

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Re: Let's Compare Size!

Postby ProZac » Mon May 17, 2010 2:08 pm UTC

My Lastfm says I listen to 65 songs a day since Feb 09. I have to say this is drastically wrong though, as it doesn't scrobble anything from my Zune, which is what I listen to for about 6 hours every day. I also stopped scrobbling for about a 6 month period in there somewhere, so my actual rate has to be much higher (likely over 100 songs/day). Yeah... I listen to music while I work, and the moment I get home I hit play on Foobar, stopping it only to sleep and watch the occasional TV program. Maybe when I play a game, depending on what I play.

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Re: Let's Compare Size!

Postby Blinke » Mon May 17, 2010 4:31 pm UTC

4288 songs
389 albums
117 artists

27.22 GB (~12 days)

Last.fm tells me I've listened to 30 songs/day since August 09, a bit misleading though since it doesn't take into account my iPod and there are periods I haven't had the scrobbler installed.

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Re: Let's Compare Size!

Postby Sandry » Thu May 20, 2010 12:49 am UTC

Hi, I'm a data dork and a music dork.

On my work laptop, which has a smaller version of my usual collection:
5851 songs | 17 days 2 hours 10 minutes worth of time | 1101 unique artists | 101 unique genres
(Some of these genres are totally in need of cleaning, because they say things like "49." Grr.)

According to frequency of artists' songs, my top 10 artists are:
Carbon Leaf at 93
They Might Be Giants at 87
Tori Amos at 80
VNV Nation at 73
Magnetic Fields at 72
Nightwish at 71
Dar Williams at 70
Thea Gilmore at 65 <-- realistically speaking, probably my favourite artist. Hm.
The Beatles at 63
U2 at 55

That's not a terrible measure, but Carbon Leaf is greatly exaggerated for some reason.

According to frequency of songs by genre, my favourite 5 genres are:
Alternative (which means nothing, seriously.)

This is a pretty terrible measure, honestly, and highly suspect.

768 songs (or 13%) in my collection are not marked with genres.
18 songs (less than 1%) in my collection are not marked with artists.

Included amongst one off stupid genres which are annoying me are "Finland," the aforementioned "49" and "."

Other things I have learned from this exercise:
Bands with umlauts are difficult.
I do not own enough Sonata Arctica.
I have one song whose artist is listed as "This is not Ani DiFranco damn you." I should really figure this one out. :)

*This post brought to you by an unseemly amount of procrastination and various Excel functions. I love Excel.
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Re: Let's Compare Size!

Postby Vox Imperatoris » Thu May 20, 2010 4:23 am UTC

Midnight wrote:i dont use last.fm. i don't know what scrobbling means. I would GUESS that I listen to thirty to fifty songs a day, with a quarter or less being music i've never heard before.

bonzoWhale explained it pretty well. They just made up that word because there's no other good word for what it does ("report", maybe, but that sounds too bureaucratic).

The picture in my signature is dynamically updated by Last.fm every few hours or so to show the last four songs scrobbled to my profile. There are many chart styles to choose from, but I designed my own to incorporate my "logo" thing. My chart is set to show recent tracks, but you can also set them to show other things:

Top Weekly Artists:

Top Artists Overall:

Top Weekly Tracks:
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Re: Let's Compare Size!

Postby bonzoWhale » Tue May 25, 2010 4:40 am UTC

*drools at your signature* I want one of those! :O

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Re: Let's Compare Size!

Postby ilokoipi » Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:25 pm UTC

My Windows Media Player has just over 2000 songs, that's 129 hours. Over 40 hours of it is hip hop and rap, 28 hours of "rock" and 13 hours of reggae. (Rock is in quotation marks because it's just anything that doesn't fit any other genre, me thinks. Besides I usually skip the songs filed under "rock" anyway.) However, since I have Spotify I don't really use WMP as much anymore, especially now that I can import (most of) my local files into Spotify and listen to them through it. Annoyingly couple of my favorite albums refuse to be imported to Spotify so I have to listen to them separately. Besides rap and reggae I listen to a lot of female singers, a lot of blues and soul, some folk and country, and so on.

Last.fm tells me I listen to 61 tracks/day since 15 Nov 2008, so that's over 40700 tracks and counting. (I have the same username there if anyone's interested.)

I don't buy a lot of cds, this year I've bought two (Odd Couple by Gnarls Barkley and Ykstoist Ykstoist by Jätkäjätkät), but this is very exceptional. I usually borrow cds from the library and copy them to my computer. But I got to a lot of gigs, so I think that makes up for it and I don't feel so bad.

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Re: Let's Compare Size!

Postby CosmicFugue » Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:00 pm UTC

16141 songs by a total of 1,233 artists. 85.04 GB which comes to around 42.2 days of music. yeeee boyeee

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Re: Let's Compare Size!

Postby novax6 » Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:43 pm UTC

I could probably stand to get rid of a few things, but as it stands:

443 Artists, 18,000 songs, 65 days worth, about 145.5 GB. Some of that is padded by stuff like Black Sabbath, who have almost 20 albums by themselves, and I would say I probably actually have listened to about 90% of my music overall, if you don't count stuff like live albums or demos.

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