145 BPM music

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145 BPM music

Postby Alasseo » Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:17 pm UTC

I was running the other day, and a song started playing that had the perfect BPM for my running pace: All I Ever Wanted by Basshunter. I did some looking, and a couple places claim it has 145 BPM. Apparently this is the perfect pace for me, so I wanted to find more. I looked some more, but couldn't find any place that would let you search tracks by BPM.. does anyone know of such a place/are my google-fu skills simply weak?

(roughly 1.9mi in 12 minutes for those interested, but that was just looking at the time on my watch at the beginning and end, and a rather imprecice measurement based on a somewhat questionable map and my recollection of the route taken..)
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Re: 145 BPM music

Postby Kirby » Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:39 am UTC

iTunes does display the BPM of a song in your library if that information is lurking in the metadata of the song file. Only about 50 of my 2000 songs have that information, so I wouldn't expect much. I only have 1 song that lists itself in the neighborhood of 145PM and that is Level, by the Raconteurs, at 146 BPM. (Some of the BPM listings I find rather suspect - according to this, the entirety of Beethoven's 2nd crawls along at 36 BPM.) I have no way of telling how correct that tempo is, but it sounds about right.

Pre-Post Edit: Not expecting to find anything, I went ahead and typed up the above. And then I found this website, which makes the above rather pointless. Anyways, that should get you started :)

EDIT: I haven't used it, but this piece of software looks like it would be useful for determining the BPM of songs you already have.

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Re: 145 BPM music

Postby freakish777 » Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:09 pm UTC

Kirby provided some ways to find BPM.

I'm sort of surprised that you've listed 145 BPM music as great for your running pace. Most distance runners I've talked to say they try and find 90 BPM music (especially marathon runners). Whatever works for you though.

Something to keep in mind, a lot of genres tend to stick to the same BPM.

Hip Hop/Rap - 60-100 BPM
Rock - 80 - 110 BPM
House / Club music - 120-130 BPM
Trance / Techno - 130-155 BPM
Breakbeat - 130-160 BPM
Jungle / Drum-n-Bass - 150-180 BPM
Dubstep - 140 BPM (almost every dubstep song is exactly 140 BPM)

Part of this is because bands or artists go "I love this other song and I want to make something that sounds like it" so subconsciously it sounds "right" to them when the BPM is in the same ballpark as the song that inspired it. In some cases though (like Dubstep) it's because the artist wants to ensure that their song is really easy to mix with other songs in the genre so that Club DJs have no excuse for not playing their song (seriously, listen to any dubstep song and there's a 90% chance it's at 140 BPM AND it has an intro that is basically just drums and some samples making it easily mixable, AND an outra that is just drums and some samples, making it easily mixable).

So, you might find that a lot of the Trance/Techno songs you have (after you've run them through a BPM analyzer) are in the range you're looking for.

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Re: 145 BPM music

Postby Alasseo » Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:38 pm UTC

Thank you both very much.

As to the speed: dunno. I might find some 90bpm and try that too, but it appears 145 is what works for me, so.. gonna roll with that, for now.
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Re: 145 BPM music

Postby SirMustapha » Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:39 pm UTC

There's one thing to be careful with those BPM databases, a problem that I found just looking at their a-ha entries: according to them, Stay on These Roads is faster than Take on Me! That kind of stuff usually happens when rhythms are misinterpretted; for example, in slower songs, people (or software) can interpret one beat as two beats, and vice versa on faster songs. That's what happened with those songs: Stay on These Roads apparently has 52 BPM instead of 104, while Take on Me has 166 BPM instead of 83. So don't take those measurements to heart without giving the songs a listen first.

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Re: 145 BPM music

Postby Phrozt » Thu Nov 10, 2011 9:04 pm UTC

This might help out:


I notice Bad Religion is somewhat close to your range (was thinking about punk in general, as it's pretty quick).

LOOOOL... I was looking further and found this page:
http://jog.fm/popular-workout-songs?art ... d-religion

This should be about perfect for you to find what you want.

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