what I read last month

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what I read last month

Postby PAstrychef » Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:17 pm UTC

Here's what I read in January. What did you read?
The Cloud Pavilion, L. Rowland
Shades of Gray, J. Fforde
London in Chains, G. Bradshaw
Peter and Wendy, J.M. Barrie*
Take Three Tenses, R. Godden*
Man Corn Murders, Lou Allin
Sorrow Wood, R. Atkin
Breathless, D. Koontz
Mariposa, G. Bear
Last Known Address, T. Schwegel
The Four Corners of the Sky, M. Malone
Nocturnes, K. Ishaguro
Orsinian Tales, U Le Guin*
The Siege, S. White
The Violet Hour, D. Judson
Skin, Mo Hayder
The Winds Twelve Quarters, U. LeGuin*
London Boulevard, K Bruen
A Secret History, M. Gentle
Death Message, M. Billingham
Come To Grief, D. Francis*
The Disappeared, M. Hall
Fatal Last Words, Q. Jardine
The First Rule, R. Crais
Hardball, S. Paretsky
The Quiet War, P. MacCauley
For Kicks, D. Francis*
Trial by Fire, JA Jance
Her Fearful Symmetry, A. Niffenegger
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Re: what I read last month

Postby SecondTalon » Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:10 am UTC

No. We're not doing this. If you want to talk about a specific title, go for it, but we're not having a "lists of books read in the past X amount of time" thread. There's no discussion to be had.

..now watch someone point out a thread where we have that already.
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