Obscure Spanish etymology question

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Obscure Spanish etymology question

Postby Quizatzhaderac » Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:59 pm UTC

Does anybody know any really good Spanish etymological dictionary?

I was trying to look up "enchufla" as in the dance step. (yes, I did try without the l)

But so far I've been unable to find only three things:
  1. The history of the step, devoid of any etymology.
  2. The definition of the noun and verb "enchufe" and "enchafar" (regarding plugs and plugging), devoid of any etymology.
  3. Information of the propriety of "enchufe" versus "enchufle" for the plug noun. (Without the L is more standard, with the l is a regional variation.)

My best guess is that the step is named for the regional variation of the plug verb via an allusion/ figure of speech that's lost to time.

But I'd expect a decent Spanish etymological dictionary to cover enchafarplug, which makes it seem weird that none of google's results for "Diccionario etimológico" knows where it comes from.
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Re: Obscure Spanish etymology question

Postby Weeks » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:22 pm UTC

This site cites the RAE saying it comes from Classical Arabic ǧawf meaning cavity, or from an onomatopeia.

I searched for "enchufar etimología". I think the RAE is at least decent.

I didn't know "Enchufla" with the L was a name for a dance step, that's up for someone more knowledgeable about Cuban Salsa.
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