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IRC channel for puzzle-lovers

Postby zachbarnett » Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:42 pm UTC

Apologies if this post is improper, I think it might interest some of you.

I've created an IRC channel for puzzle-lovers to share and solve puzzles collaboratively: #solvepuzzles on (To join from your browser:

To try to get more people to join the room, I'm offering operator privileges to any person or group that is able to solve a (hard) puzzle I made: There are no instructions.

Second (since I don't anticipate many people solving my puzzle), I will be giving permanent operator privileges to several other channel members if and when the room becomes large enough to warrant it. If you (a) are in the channel often, (b) are at least a little bit active (chatting occasionally), and (c) help me recruit new members, then I will probably make you an operator (once we get a respectable number of visitors).

If you know any communities that would likely be interested in a room of this sort, please pass my message along. Happy hunting.
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