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Forum Zendo [intra-xkcd-forum link]

Postby Fieari » Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:27 am UTC

It occured to me that maybe I could have posted my Forum Zendo game to this forum instead of the Games forum. Regardless, maybe some puzzlers here that wouldn't normally go into the Games forum would be interested in my Zendo thread?

It's a puzzle, although it's a progressive puzzle without all the pieces you need to solve it at first. You get the pieces you need to solve the puzzle by asking whether you're right or wrong about various guesses. It's fun, and hopefully challenging!
Surely it is as ridiculous to consider sqrt(-1) "imaginary" because you can't use it to count pieces of chalk as to consider the number 200 imaginary because by itself it cannot express the location of one point with reference to another. -Isaac Asimov

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