Connect Laptop to old(ish) hi-fi

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Connect Laptop to old(ish) hi-fi

Postby lorb » Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:35 am UTC

I recently got an old hi-fi and I would love to feed the music from my Laptop into it. The only cable input it has is on the back of it's cassette back and it offers "phono" and "DAT".

I understand that "phono input" is for turntables and accepts a weaker and differently equalized signal than my Laptop supplies. So maybe there is an option to either use some hard- or software to transform that?

DAT I asume stands for "digital audio tape" but my google-fu tells me while it can be used with a RCA-cable it is actually a different thing with a different cable. Now before I go and buy a line-to-rca cable, would that distort my sound or anything or is there a special cable available or something?
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Re: Connect Laptop to old(ish) hi-fi

Postby Neil_Boekend » Wed Mar 25, 2015 3:40 pm UTC

I have had much success with simple 3,5 mm jack to RCA in such cases.
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The phono input is relatively difficult to use. I'd try the DAT input if that is RCA. It most likely accepts a simple stereo analog signal. Usually it's plug, play and dance.
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