Cheap alternative Fitbit Classic accessories?

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Cheap alternative Fitbit Classic accessories?

Postby Jorpho » Fri Nov 20, 2015 5:55 am UTC

I have come into possession of a first-generation Fitbit, much like the one depicted in ... pedometer/ . But it seems without the USB dongle and the charger, it's kind of useless, and those pieces are rather expensive in the few places they can be found.

The Fitbit One would be much easier to deal with; cheap third party cables are readily available and recipes exist for DIY chargers such as ... e-charger/ and . But the Fitbit One has two big circular contact points – this older model only has three teeny tiny rectangular ones.

I can't seem to find any information about charging this Fitbit, but I might not be using the right search terms. If it was two pins, then obviously one would have to be live and one would have to be ground, but what am I supposed to do with three? Is there some way of knowing what's what without having a genuine charger to test it?

Fortunately, as far as syncing goes, it looks like there's an open-source doodad called libfitbit that might be workable.

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