SSD for a Sony Vaio TXN27N?

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SSD for a Sony Vaio TXN27N?

Postby Dep » Wed Nov 28, 2007 9:53 pm UTC

Hi everyone,

I have a Sony Vaio TX laptop, and I'm thinking about getting a solid state disk for it. Mainly for the battery life. Anyways, I'm having trouble identifying the hard drive and type of connector it has currently. I know it has a 1.8" form factor, but the interface is eluding me. I have the nagging feeling that it is a ZIF connector, but I'd rather not open the laptop until I decide if I'm actually going to get this drive to preserve the warranty as long as I can.

I searched online and can't find any reference to anyone that has done such a thing or any spec sheets that go into that level of detail. Sony support has been zero help, they just return a canned response saying that they won't help me void the warranty.

Any ideas?


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Re: SSD for a Sony Vaio TXN27N?

Postby Larson » Thu Nov 29, 2007 12:06 am UTC

According to Sony's site, your laptop has an IDE (UltraATA/100) hard drive. If it's 1.8in then you have a few options.

Newegg has a few here: ... rchInDesc=

I've heard you can just slap a solid state drive into any modern laptop that will physically fit it. The newegg reviews alone have many success stories when upgrading current laptop hard drives with solid state ones, without problems.

Keep your receipt of course :). As far as your warranty is concerned, if removing the hard drive in your laptop requires you to take apart a section of the computer, then doing this might void it. If your hard drive simply slides out on a caddy/tray, then you should be just fine.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes 8)

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