HTC Wildfire VS HTC Desire (UK)

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HTC Wildfire VS HTC Desire (UK)

Postby Cadmus » Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:37 am UTC

So I'm looking at after 10 years on PAYG going to a contract and a smartphone. These two are available on the same terms from Orange but the Wildfire has about an extra £100 of freebies available.

Has anyone had a chance to compare thse side by side? Would either suit my needs? What I'd like is
  • Lightweight device for travelling such as checking news, times, maps, disruptions
  • Video watching while travelling

Huh, actually that's kind of it. Other things are 'nice to haves' such as SSH or a VPN client. On the video front as the allowance is pretty small I'd be transcoding and transferring stuff 'at base' or at least under WiFi at the local MacDonalds.

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Re: HTC Wildfire VS HTC Desire (UK)

Postby Red Hal » Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:40 am UTC

A quick comparison. I have the Desire and am very happy with it. If you travel a lot, then the likely improved battery life of the wildfire may be significant, but for me the gorgeousness of the AMOLED screen on the Desire (compare the resolutions) outweighs that.

In any case, I have a PowerMonkey Explorer with me as a travel, so there's always another full charge available if I need it. The Desire will give me a full day and a half of normal use, more if I only use it as a phone, but high-cpu activities such as video, games and constant gps use will drain it quite readily in under four hours, with the caveat that requires running the processor pretty much constantly at full tilt.
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