March Hare Tea

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March Hare Tea

Postby Aleril » Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:35 am UTC

So my friend has decided to start her own tea company with crowd-funding. Each line of tea will follow a creative theme of sorts and will be sold online and at events.

Our first tea line will be called Mythic Delectation. Each tea will be an organic blend that follows the theme of a creature from myth or fantasy. The tea will come in handmade bags with paper tags bearing the character on them. There will be fifty bags per tin, and the tin will be covered in decorative art, mythological facts, and nutrition details. Every character will be featured in art nouveau style. Also, each character will have a collectible card that can be used in a simple yet enjoyable game with friends.

The rest of the info is at and it's facebook page is

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