Amazing new comic!Also, shameless self-promotion.

Think your art is better or your stick figures worse? Got a link to a site you want to share? Post it here!

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Amazing new comic!Also, shameless self-promotion.

Postby zedaid » Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:15 pm UTC

Hi everybody! *insert chorus of "Hi Doctor Nick!"*

Today I'd like to introduce myself, as I'm new here and thought it only seemed right. My name's Dave, Zedaid's been my pen name since... wow, I've had that thing for seven years now. That's kind of irrelevant, though, as I've now gotten your attention with my pithy quips and witty monologues (they're invisible, don't try to look for them) I want to introduce to you a pet project of mine that just recently got off the ground. It's a webcomic called Super Reality Television, and it basically follows the adventures of a deceased and damned interpol agent who is sent to Earth as a curse upon a human to break him of his slothful habits. Also, it's a dark comedy that relies mostly on satire of the superhero genre and reality tv and the cultures that have developed around them. That's not particularly easy to tell yet, though, as we're only about eleven pages in. Anyway, I've blathered enough, now I'm going to link you to our site! Hopefully I do actually know how to insert links in these things... Either way, I hope you enjoy our comic!

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