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Think your art is better or your stick figures worse? Got a link to a site you want to share? Post it here!

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A-Ward Per Day

Postby bonzoWhale » Sat May 14, 2011 12:01 am UTC

I recently started a blog where I get a random word every day and use it for inspiration. It has drawings, too, and several people who aren't my mom* have stated they find it hilarious, so I thought it'd be wise to share it with the xkcd people. I even made an ad for the occasion!

Find it on: http://awardperday.wordpress.com

If you like Hyperbole and a Half, you cant go wrong with A-Ward Per Day! Now I'm gonna go take a shower 'cause I feel a little dirty with all this shameless advertising...

*It should be noted my mom hasn't even heard of it.**
**On second thought, that's irrelevant, but I note it anyway.

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