Bill Gates regrets

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Bill Gates regrets

Postby Soupspoon » Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:54 am UTC

(Not entirely sure this subforum best fits this. Had toyed with two or three other places, including Religious Wars if I added a poll!) [I think RW is best... poll not necessary -phlip]

When I first saw mention that "Bill Gates regrets inventing Ctrl-Alt-Delete, wishes he had made it a single key-press", not on that link, the summary of his statement made it look to me like it meant several things that were clearly wrong and crazy.

Do you think he was actually right to appropriate the historic Ctrl-Alt-Del firmware interrupt for his OS-level interrupt, or should he have vehemently requested yet another key on increasingly non-standard keyboards besides the Windows-flag key(s) and the Windows-menu one, just one inadvertent mis-tap away?

There are other things he regrets, I'm sure, in his design-time philosophy. And that Steve Jobs, Linus Torvalds and others regretted, in theirs. I'm sure there's space here to discuss those too, if I haven't missed another thread doing exactly this thing already.

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Re: Bill Gates regrets

Postby Thesh » Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:02 pm UTC

He doesn't regret making insecure software, making our the entire business world depend on it, and sabotaging standards, thereby costing our economy trillions over the years in higher expenses on security software, breaches, compatibility workarounds, and upgrade costs, while also lowering consumer choice?
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