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Video Games to Play During Intervals

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:47 pm UTC
by Leovan
I've been playing Counter-Strike:GO lately and every time I die (a lot, I'm a Kamikaze) I do pushups, situps, curls, squats, etc. What exactly depends on how long I expect to wait till the next round and whether it's my arms or stomach or legs that are tired. This gives me around 25 pushups per set (for example), and 1 Minute or so rest in between. In 45 minutes to an hour I'll do something like 250 pushups, 200 situps, and some other stuff.
The point isn't just to exercise, I'm aware this method is probably not the most efficient way. But I'm motivated and having fun. I'm waiting anyway... I end up doing it almost every day (I try to switch what exercise I focus on) and I've been improving strength/endurance and bulking up (and losing fat) since I've been doing this. So it works a little anyway.
Point is, CS:GO alone is getting boring, and I'm hoping someone here has an idea for an alternate game that would play similarly. Not necessarily an FPS or multiplayer, but something where there is a natural 1-2 minute break every 1-3 minutes. I've tried playing single player games where I can pause and setting an alarm for every 3 minutes, but I end up just dismissing it or forgetting. Any ideas?
Alternatively, any recommendations for what to do to improve effectiveness? Do longer sets? Should I do 200 pushups and then switch to situps, or just switch every time?

Re: Video Games to Play During Intervals

Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:23 am UTC
by nightbird
Leovan wrote:The point isn't just to exercise, I'm aware this method is probably not the most efficient way. But I'm motivated and having fun.

We're not machines. Therefore, "I'm motivated and having fun" is one of the most important things you could say about an exercise regimen. However, I suggest you add a few more exercises as doing notihng but pushups and situps will turn you into a hunchback in the long run.

Here's an example:

This has always been a very popular yet feared finisher at my gym. It can be an incredibly fun challenge but also brutally hard. To do the deck of cards finishers you obviously need a standard deck of cards. You’ll assign an exercise to each suit and do that exercise for the same number of reps as the card. For example, if hearts are burpees and you get a seven of hearts you do seven burpees. Aces count as eleven reps and jacks, queens and kings count as ten reps.

To start the workout set a timer for ten minutes (you can do five if you’re pressed for time or fifteen if you’re feeling sadistic). Place the cards face down then start the workout by turning the first card over. Do the exercise that coincides with the suit and the number of reps. Continue to turn cards over, one after the other, for the prescribed time frame. If you need a break every minute or so feel free to take one. This workout is much more effective when done with at least a few others.

Know Your Enemy
Diamonds- 2 Arm KB Swing
Clubs- Prisoner Squat
Spades- Medicine Ball Slam
Hearts- Hindu Pushup

Diamonds- Burpee
Clubs- Deck Squat
Spades- 1 Arm KB Clean*
Hearts- Grasshopper
*Do the prescribed reps on both arms each time.

Evil Deeds
Diamonds-Reverse Lunge
Clubs- 1 Arm KB Snatch*
Spades- Battling Rope Slam
Hearts- Slalom Jump Burpee
*Do the prescribed reps on both arms each time.

You probably don't have a kettlebell (KB) or any of the other stuff, so here's a list of exercises you can do without (a lot of) equipment:

bear crawl

Have fun!

Re: Video Games to Play During Intervals

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 5:08 pm UTC
by Leovan
Thanks for the encouragement and extra exercises. I'll try them out.
I haven't invested in kettle bells, but I have a shopping bag full of books :D I'll see what I can do with that.