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Postby Mambrino » Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:06 pm UTC

Now that the comic subforum is a bit livelier than usual, allow me to introduce: Paranatural

Paranatural is a weird and funny webcomic. The premise: Young Maxwell moves to small town called Mayview when his father decides he wants to run a seven-eleven in his old hometown, and oh boy, is he in for a surprise. His father has always been ...eccentric. In Mayview, outright over-the-top insanity seems to be the norm. In addition, paranormal and supernatural weirdness abounds.

It is very silly, and more funny and entertaining than my description manages describe. The art gets better over time.

Occasionally manages to stick to the regular update schedule.

Chapter one begins here

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The Great Hippo
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Re: Paranatural

Postby The Great Hippo » Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:18 am UTC

I fucking love this comic and I've been reading it regularly for a long time, now. The writing and humor in it is pretty amazing (though I have to keep reminding myself that the main character is supposed to be like... 12? I don't think any kid exists that is this unfailingly clever). I also love the subtle themes that are steadily building up -- usually, I read an author's stuff and go 'Oh! They're setting this big thing up!' only to discover... nope, they're not -- it's going no where. I've yet to feel that way with Paranatural.

(For example, it's pretty clear Isabel's grandfather considers spirits to be nothing but tools; Isabel is struggling with this idea and is probably going to end up in a conflict with him over it.)

It probably deserves its own thread but the author is also (apparently?) in some sort of relationship with the author of Monsterkind, which is similarly awesome (though has a different flavor/story).

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